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After the success of the ECoC year, Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region focus on the future of the city and the area.

To mark the formal end of the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture project, various official final reports and an illustrative publication for the general public have now been published and handed over to the European Commission Just over a year ago, Esch2022, together with Kaunas2022 and NoviSad2022, have passed on the title of European Capital of Culture in Athens to their successors; for the first time in this form in the history of the "ECoCs".


This year Russia has its first Capital of Culture. It is the city of Nizhny Novgorod. The news was leaked by Tass in the past weeks and was confirmed by one of the leading experts on European capitals of culture, Steve Green, who in his eighth report published on the site lists the capitals of culture around the world.

It was held in Chemnitz, European Capital of Culture 2025, the final conference of the 'CulTourData' project financed by the European Commission, within the COSME programme, to support SMEs, coordinated by Materahub with the participation of Basilicata Creativa and partners from Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Slovakia.

The competition in Poland for ecoc 2029 is in full swing. After Krakow (2000) and Wroclaw (2016) in 2029 it will be the third time of a European capital of culture in Poland.Twelve cities in Poland had applied to become the European Capital of Culture 2029.

In May 2024, a choir of children and adults will sing a lullaby for the city to unprecedented music based on the heritage of the lullabies of the citizens of Burgos and Matera.

There have been 11.6 million visitors to Bergamo and Brescia during the Italian Capital of Culture year that is drawing to a close. A twinning in the name of culture that will not remain limited to this year alone: in 2024, in fact, the Ciclovia (bicycle route) that will unite the two territories will be inaugurated.

In recent years, spectacular street art has appeared in several parts of Veszprém, including the Jutasi Housing Estate, Stadion street, and the Viaduct area. Two new areas have recently been covered with paintings, so if you're curious to see the finished works, head to the Veszprém Arena and the Maxon Tunnel.

With the nomination of Bourges (France) in the past few days, the picture of the European Capitals of Culture for 2028 has closed: Budweiss (Czech Republic), Skopje (Northern Macedonia) and Bourges (France). Now all eyes are on 2029, when it will be the turn of Sweden and Poland to name the European Capital of Culture.

In the end, Bourges will be the European Capital of Culture in 2028 for France. A title it will share with Budweiss for the Czech Republic and Skopje for North Macedonia.

After Tartu 2024, Bodo 2024 also published the programme of the events that will take place in the European Capital of Culture year. While on 15 November, in the European Parliament building in Brussels, the three European Capitals of Culture 2024, Tartu, Bodo and Salzkammergut will present their programmes. Ecocnews will be present at the press conference with two journalists.

On Wednesday 20 September, the European capitals expert panel recommended the city of Skopje (North Macedonia) for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028 “beyond the EU”. This category is reserved for EFTA/EEA countries or EU candidate countries. On the short list was only one other city in the EFTA/EEA category, Budva in Montenegro. But the panel between the two cities chose Skopje.In the past few days, the report of the evaluation panel has been published online where you can read the reasons that led to this decision.

The countdown to the opening ceremony of Tartu, European Capital of Culture 2024, on 26 January has begun. And well in advance, the cultural programme with 350 projects and over a thousand events is already online here.

Estonian musician and producer NOËP released his new single "Young Blood City," which will also be the offical anthem for Tartu's year as European Capital of Culture in 2024.

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