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Kaunas 2022, Time to rise

Kaunas 2022, Time to rise Photo by Pixabay

The International Day of Happiness, celebrated on the 20th of March, returns to Kaunas, Kaunas District and all of Lithuania again this year: “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” invites you to celebrate it for the fourth time, under the theme “Time to rise”.

The people lives in very unusual times.  The official ambassadors and organizers of the Day of Happiness in Lithuania, the team of ‘Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022’ invite you to look deeper into your feelings and focus on the things that bring happiness. Even in difficult circumstances, happiness is not far off, it is nearby.

“In the time of global pandemic, we began to appreciate differently the things that previously seemed natural to us: meeting friends, going to the movies or a theatre performance, visiting galleries and museums, or watching a basketball game in an arena full of fans. As we have to forgo it all for quite some time, the happiness factor for many of us has also gone down. Therefore, on this Day of Happiness we will talk and pay more attention to our emotions and feelings, and at the same time we will invite to rise and discover creative and safe ways to brighten our current daily routine,” – says the organizer of the Day of Happiness, Irutė Tumaitė.

According to Ms. Tumaitė, just two years ago, all those celebrating the Day of Happiness would not have been able to fit in two Žalgiris Arenas, while last year, companies and organizations ready to celebrate the Day of Happiness had to move their festive activities to the virtual space at the last minute.

“Although we still cannot meet in one place and at the same time this year, we can still celebrate happiness creatively. Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to experience happiness or bring it to others, use their imagination and decorate their office, home or vehicle with symbols reflecting the rise: kites, paper airplanes, wing motifs, flower fluff, make some healthy happy food for takeaway, take a bike ride along your favourite route with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, invite neighbours for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the balconies and remember at least for one day how good it is to eat together. There are indeed many ways and forms of experiencing happiness”, – Ms. Tumaitė shares some safe ideas for the celebration.

You can registered safe ideas for the Day of Happiness, and your wish to take part in it until the 5th March.

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