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Artistic Advisory Board for Bodø2024 chosen

By press release October 21, 2021
Artistic Advisory Board for Bodø2024 chosen Photo by Dan Mariner

The Artistic Advisory Board will play an important role in Bodø2024’s development of an artistic programme at a high international level, in line with the criteria for the European Capital of Culture concept. It will participate in the planning and assessment of the artistic program developed by Bodø2024 during the coming preparatory years, through announcements and commissions.

During the summer of 2021, an open nomination process was carried out, which was announced internationally through social media, in relevant national online media and directly to institutions and networks. The nomination process was announced on 2nd July, and ran until 15th August. 64 names were put forward.

Bodø Municipality and Nordland County Municipality each appointed a representative to participate in a reference group to discuss nominations and composition. The reference group consisted of director and programme leader for Bodø2024, Arne Vinje, for Bodø Municipality, and Ida Hevrøy for Nordland County Municipality. The reference group had two meetings in September 2021.

According to the mandate, the Artistic Advisory Board must ‘have interdisciplinary artistic skills overall ... possess national, international and ECoC-specific skills, and follow the Local Government Act with regards to representation.’

The Artistic Advisory Board must consist of 5–7 members with interdisciplinary and complimentary artistic skills, with experience of artistic/cultural projects on a national and international level.

Complete Artistic Advisory Board for Bodø2024:
Bente Andersen, 57, theatre
Stine Nilsen, 45, dance
Kristoffer Dolmen, 48, visual arts
Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, 43, art history, visual arts (Plovdiv 2019)
Sjoerd Bootsma, 40, urban art, music, festivals (Leeuwarden 2018)
Elin Eidsvik (owner representative, Bodø Municipality)
Astrid Arnøy (owner representative, Nordland County Municipality)

‘We have put together a very good Artistic Advisory Board, with a good balance of regional, national and international skills. In addition, we’re able to access valuable expertise from relatively recent ECoC projects,’ says Henrik Sand Dagfinrud, programme manager for Bodø2024.

‘With a competent Artistic Advisory Board, valuable artistic expertise will really aid the development of the Bodø2024 project,’ says director André Wallann Larsen. He adds: ‘Bodø2024 hopes that artists in the region will be active as artistic practitioners during Bodø2024. Members of the Artistic Advisory Board will be recused from a lot of projects. We had this in mind while selecting candidates. The composition of the Artistic Advisory Board also ensures an international network of contacts from which Bodø2024 and the artistic community in the North will benefit.’

More info about the Artistic Advisory Board

Bente Andersen (57) – TheatreBente S Andersen (born 1964) Kirkenes, trained as an actress and stage director at the Scandinavian Theatre School, Copenhagen. She has substantial experience of developing and working on newly written drama, both nationally and internationally. In 1990, she established The Samovar Theater in Kirkenes, and in 1996 she initiated the contemporary arts group, Pikene på broen. She has dramatised and set up more than 60 professional performing arts productions, often at the intersection between text, movement, and music. The performances are often multilingual and have toured in Norway, Russia, and Europe.

In addition to an artistic background, Andersen also has experience with management and finance. She has a lot of experience running both local and international projects. She is proactive with a great ability to follow through.

After she had finished her studies, Anderson decided to move back to Kirkenes. The choice to move from Copenhagen to Kirkenes was not a random one. In 1990, the Soviet Union was in disarray; perestroika and the construction of a new region, the Barents region, opened up previously unimagined opportunities for the art and culture sector, which has since characterised her art.

Stine Nilsen (45) – dance. After studying dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance (BA) and Middlesex University (MA), Stine Nilsen started out as a freelance dancer and guest lecturer at Trinity Laban, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, University of Stavanger and Bodø Dance College, before being taken on as a dancer in the Candoco Dance Company in 2000. In 2007, she became Candoco’s artistic co-director and lead the company alongside Pedro Machado. For around 10 years, they have led and developed the company to shape it into the well established company it is today, with 7 dancers and 11 employees. Nilsen has helped the business to grow in one of Europe’s largest centres for dance, in an economic climate that has at times been very challenging.

Kristoffer Dolmen (48) – visual arts. Kristoffer Dolmen is the director of Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš / The Sami Centre for Contemporary Art. He has worked with exhibition production and dissemination for Bodø Art Society (2001–05), has been the project leader of The North Norwegian Art Exhibition (2001–05), worked with exhibition tours, programme work and for the art magazine See Art in North Norway (2005–08). Since 2008, he has worked with art as a subject area in Nordland county municipality and has been responsible for a number of major projects and initiatives that include art in public spaces, Artscape Nordland, AiR Nordland (artist residency), network of Artist in Residence locations in Nordland, as well as a number of exhibitions, conferences and events. He has also held board positions and worked on cultural projects. His education includes a Master’s degree in Creative Curatorial Practice, a degree from the University of Bergen covering subjects including art history, cultural conservation and cultural communication, and further studies in Museum Science and Cultural Management from Stockholm University.

Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva (43) – art history, visual arts (Plovdiv 2019). Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva is an art historian, critic and curator. One of the most recognizable faces of the contemporary art scene in Bulgaria. For over ten years she has been working as a gallerist in Sofia and has emerged as an active critic and author of independent projects. She has extensive experience in the organization of exhibitions, festivals, events in public space. She attended courses and residencies in Germany, Austria, the USA, South Korea. Her interests as an art theoretician encompass both the most up-to-date artists and trends on the art scene, as well as the period of the 1950s and 1960s and the problems of socialist realism. She works with numerous public institutions and non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. She is one of the founders of the first independent curators association in Bulgaria. Prior to her position as artistic director of “Plovdiv 2019” which she occupies from 2015 till 2021, she participated in the team that developed the cultural strategy of Plovdiv Municipality 2014-2024.

Sjoerd Bootsma (40) – urban art, music, festivals (Leeuwarden 2018). Artistic organiser, communicator and concept developer Sjoerd Bootsma seems to have an eye for combining all kinds of disciplines. Business and design, nature and art, people and organizations, and so on. That made him the perfect candidate for the artistic team that wrote the second and winning bidbook for Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018.

As the artistic director of the festival ‘Welcome to the Village’, Bootsma brought together eighty national and international acts. Music, poetry, literature, food, design & co-creation, innovation and sustainability. At this point in time he is occupied with Lab LWD, a platform for exchanging ideas and solutions to social, economic and ecological issues, and a part of Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture.

Bootsmas motto is ’All that exists was once a dream. Everything that can be dreamed, can exist’. In other words; everything is possible, but you do need to the right people around you. And Bootsma can bring these people together.



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