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Pesaro 2024, in the Biosphere the Tree of Life

By Press release Lunedì, 26 Febbraio 2024
Pesaro 2024, The Biosphere Pesaro 2024, The Biosphere

Pesaro 2024 'lights up' its 'Tree of Life' with a popular ceremony that drew thousands of Pesaro residents and 'temporary citizens' to Piazza del Popolo to attend the inauguration of the Biosphere, a sculptural-digital installation that is unique in Europe with its 4-metre diameter and over 2 million LEDs.

A living work, interacting and in dialogue with the city and the community, conceived to narrate and share The Nature of Culture of the Italian Capital of Culture and "launch Pesaro into the future of modernity," said Matteo Ricci, Mayor of Pesaro. "The idea of the Biosphere arose from the need to have a symbol of Pesaro 2024, an icon that could embody and narrate The Nature of Culture of our Capital: the cultural challenge and the revival of Peace, which walk in parallel with that of sustainability," explained the mayor.

The installation is the result of the convergence of digital media, advanced technologies and artistic research; it is a heritage of the city, an artistic element, an innovative structure generating content and devoted to research and development of technologies designed to enhance engagement and tourism. It is the synthesis element of The Nature of Culture in the Capital.

The installation is a space in which a multidisciplinary dialogue can converge and take place, hosting works of an artistic and scientific nature.

The first work is Pesaro 2024, which aims at enhancing the territory and culture of the city. The spherical surface displays 360-degree videos of the territory's landscape, historical, artistic and cultural heritage. A real immersion that makes it possible to retrace the capital's places in a new way. By distorting canonical perception, the spherical vision opens up to a three-dimensional dimension and immerses the public in an experience of space halfway between the real and digital worlds.

The second work, Data Visualization Climate Change, transforms data and algorithms from abstract entities into visualisations and simulations that stimulate reflection on the relationship between man and planet by connecting nature, science and technology. The matrix is the data collected on the state of planet Earth's health through the satellites of the European Union's Copernicus project, coordinated by ESA, used as a new alphabet to create a body of visualisations that guide viewers to a new understanding and awareness of climate change. The data will materialise in aesthetic compositions. The dialogue between scientific data and generative design creates, through artificial intelligence and complex algorithmic systems, simulations that stimulate visual and experiential reflection on climate change.

The third work, Matter, is a digital sculpture within the structure-sphere modelled in real-time by the movement of the spectators around it. Biosphere is an envelope, a shell containing a multiform digital-plastic matter that cracks, fissures and moulds. The work is a generative, shared and collective sculpture, born from the interaction with the spectators. Inside, evolving magmatic three-dimensional geometries are created, made interactive by the position in space of the audience. As 'technological nature' subject to erosion, the forms are hollowed out and made malleable by human influence. The work interrogates the human-nature pair, the human influence on matter and the potential for creation and destruction. It is a metaphor for the influence of mankind on fragile ecosystems.

During the Capital Year, site-specific interventions are planned; artistic, musical or scientific content within the sphere resulting from collaborations with artists, musicians, designers, researchers, schools and other entities. The switching-on of the Biosphere is scheduled, each day with the three contents, lasting a total of about 20 minutes, at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m.

The energy service provider, in agreement with Pesaro 2024, undertakes to produce the same amount as used by the Biosphere, from renewable sources - water, wind, sun, earth heat and biomass - and feed them back into the grid.