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Viterbo 2033, a trip to Matera to study this ecoc

Matera 2019 and Viterbo 2033, the meeting Matera 2019 and Viterbo 2033, the meeting Photo by Matera 2019

Nine years away from 2033, when it will again be Italy's turn to nominate the European Capital of Culture, the first cities are starting to get on track. Several cities have announced their intention to take part in the competition: Ferrara, Turin, Padua, Urbino-Pesaro (which, however, is the Italian Capital of Culture this year) and Syracuse.

While, at the moment, the one who has already decided to get serious is the city of Viterbo. In recent days, a delegation led by the mayor, Chiara Frontini, and composed of the councillor for Tourism, Silvio Franco, and Maria Chiara Giovannelli, a doctoral student at the University of Viterbo and responsible for the coordination activities for Viterbo's candidacy project as European Capital of Culture 2033, visited the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation where they met the director, Giovanni Padula, and the team.

A meeting organised by Viterbo to examine the path that led Matera to winning the title of European Capital of Culture 2019, with specific reference to the technical aspects of the process, the characteristics of the candidacy dossier, and the new mission of the Foundation. Among the topics to be discussed were the actions put in place to stimulate the support of the local community and local and national institutions, the governance structure for the management of the candidacy process, and the strengths of the dossiers of the candidate cities for European Capital of Culture that were later victorious.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation was taken on a tour of the Palazzo Lanfranchi Museum's collections and exhibitions, including Tomás Saraceno's Life(s) of Webs, arachnophobias, arachnophilias, and other stories on display in the Chiesa del Carmine thanks to the collaboration between the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation and the National Museum of Matera. The work, inaugurated last November, represents on the one hand the completion of one of the projects in the dossier for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, and on the other the opening of a focus on the relationship between art and the environment, one of the themes at the centre of the Foundation's new programming.

The delegation also met with the mayor and president of the Foundation, Domenico Bennardi.

“The objective of the mission - explained Mayor Frontini - was to share experiences in order to valorise successes and build on the paths already taken by those who have succeeded. We must reflect together with the city on the European dimension into which Viterbo can project itself thanks to this process, which, as we have been told here, is more important than the outcome itself. A true cultural citizenship pact must be built where care for the common good is at the centre, and this brings with it a series of long-term impacts, both economic and social. This is only a first step in this exchange, we already have the next steps in mind and we are waiting for the Matera administrators and partners in Viterbo, certain that the direct account of their experience can inspire decision-makers and citizenship towards a challenging and ambitious objective, which must make us all proud and determined to pursue it”.