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Plovdiv2019, 'Les Francofolies' will come in June

Francofolies de Bulgarie, Helena Paparizou Francofolies de Bulgarie, Helena Paparizou

The 'Les Francofolies' festival is the largest international festival of contemporary Francophone music, which has been held since 1985 in the city of La Rochelle, France, but has also moved to various locations around the world.

"We finished 2023 with 661,967 overnight stays, representing a 30 per cent growth compared to 2019, and of these overnight stays achieved, 18 per cent increase for Bulgarian citizens and 20 per cent increase for foreign citizens. This is due to several factors, one of which is the investment in cultural content and cultural programmes. This has been a commitment we have made during the administrative term of Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov - to invest and programme large-scale commercial festivals that have potential and help increase the flow of tourists to the city. After the adoption of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation budget and the announced call for the Heritage programme, with great interest and competition, project proposals for 2.5 million were submitted.

With these words, Deputy Mayor Plamen Panov began the presentation of the participants of the Bulgarian edition of the Les Francofolies 2024 Festival, which will be held in Plovdiv on 21 and 22 June.

At a special press conference in the Municipality of Plovdiv attended by Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov, director of the Festival in Bulgaria - Hristina Spasova, deputy mayor of Culture, Archaeology and Tourism Plamen Panov director of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation Kiril Velchev and deputy

"Thank you very much to the Municipality of Plovdiv, last year we had a very strong 6th edition, for the first time we did it in Plovdiv and everyone who couldn't visit was sincerely sorry. This year we expect an even stronger 7th edition, which will take place in a new location - Botev Stadium. A new beginning that I believe will set the tone for many other great music events after us at the Botev Stadium. ', said the director of the festival in Bulgaria - Hristina Spasova.

In its seventh edition, the festival decided to bet on several well-known and beloved names that the event's fans wanted to see in Bulgaria. On the first night Nuvel Wag, Ishtar and Willy William will appear on stage, and on the second night the audience will dance with Deluxe, Barbara Pravi and Nezh. The names of the other stars of Francofolies 2024, as well as the rich accompanying programme, will be announced very soon.

The scattered elegance and chic of the French New Wave and the charm of their performances make them early favourites on the international stage. They perform French and English covers of favourite songs, have no permanent vocals and work with various artists. The creators of the project are jazz musicians Mark Collin and Olivier Libaut.

Israeli singer Eti Zach, better known by her stage nickname Ishtar / Ishtar/, is well known in our country. Her style is interesting, different, combining Middle Eastern motifs with pop, flamenco and other global rhythms. Ishtar arrived in Paris in the early 1990s, singing solo before joining the ethno group Alabina. The mix of multicultural styles quickly made their music extremely popular on the international scene. Today, Ishtar Alabina sells millions of copies of his albums that reflect his inimitable sensual style.

Deluxe are a French electro-pop band. Their style is danceable, mixing hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz. They started with 6 musicians in 2007, friends since childhood and music lovers. To date, they have released 6 studio albums, and their live performances are attractive with the use of many different instruments they add to the mix.

But many more music stars are expected in the 2019 European Capital of Culture.

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