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After a six-year break, the open-air show Tõrva Loits will take place again on July 20th in Tõrva. Estonia’s largest symbiosis of fire, water, and music will be titled "Ouroboros" this year, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life with the ancient and mystical emblem of a snake eating its own tail.

For the first time, the European Capitals of Culture decided to officially present all together and in a symbolically very important place like the European Parliament, in Brussels.

The countdown to the opening ceremony of Tartu, European Capital of Culture 2024, on 26 January has begun. And well in advance, the cultural programme with 350 projects and over a thousand events is already online here.

Veszprém and Bakony-Balaton region hosts the world: 29 cities from around the globe to be exact, throughout the year. Guest cities from Japan to Jamaica have 2 weeks to showcase their culture within the framework of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture’s InterUrban event series, carried out by well connected Hangvető.

"Look in to my ice" is an initiative to enhance emotional engagement and conscious awareness towards the disappearance of glaciers and polar ice. 

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