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If there is one person who knows the world of European cultural capitals better than anyone, it is Sylvain Pasqua. And not only because of his professional role, but also because he cares about the future of a united Europe and its cities.

The picture of the next European Capitals of Culture is becoming more and more defined.

European cultural design, community stories, future. Starting from the designation of Matera as the European Capital of Culture 2019, the Lucania Film Festival inaugurates a new narrative window on Europe and invites foundations and international organizations that have submitted projects and won the title of European Capital of Culture to participate in the Short for Capital contest, to tell their experience and the impact generated in the urban context and on the territory of belonging.

The European Capital of Culture competition desired by the European Union is about to reach an important milestone: the 40th anniversary of its birth. In 2025 this competition will celebrate the so-called “Ruby Wedding” with European cities. A marriage with the many regions of Europe, with the territories which, as in every marriage, has experienced positive aspects, in most cases, and negative aspects.

In some cities of the Czech Republic, the days are very hot and not only due to the high temperatures that are characterizing this summer. The deadline for submitting the dossier that will allow candidate cities to participate in the European Capital of Culture competition for 2028 expires on 1st September.

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