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As part of the 'Perspectives of Japan: Art Books' section of the Kaunas 2022 cultural programme, the photographic exhibition of Japanese artist Mari Katayama, realised with the support of Eu Japan fest, was presented a few days ago.

Around 6000 buildings: this is the number of modernist objects in Kaunas city and its district surviving to this day. From luxurious concrete villas, temples and public buildings, schools and cultural institutions, to small wooden houses. 

What kind of situations did other European cities face after completion of the European Capital of Culture year? Which ones of the phenomena that had emerged in the cultural sector, in the communication of the regional image and in the community and public sectors have been successfully maintained and which ones – not, and why? Which of the lessons learned could be of use for the future representatives of the Cultural Capitals in the development of their own legacy plans?

The "Japan Days in Kaunas WA" are coming to an end and were the occasion for the visit of the Eu Japan Fest delegation led by Chairman Nobuyuki Hirano.

An important visit by Eu Japan fest to Kaunas for a discussion on a series of cultural activities aimed at making part of the Japanese artistic and cultural world known in Lithuania.

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