Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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"The European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia has so far demonstrated a serious commitment to the project and significant advancement," European Commission announced last days. The European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia team (GO! 2025 and EGTC GO), together with the two mayors Samo Turel and Rodolfo Ziberna, reported on May 16 this year to the international commission of experts on the development of the project, and now the commission has published an encouraging report (ecoc-2025-novagorica-second-monitoring-report Attached to this news).

Mateja Zorn, an economist who fell in love with the art of filmmaking.

A year ago, three researchers, Michael Kurzwelly, Tanel Rander and Miha Kosovel, who are residents of various European cities divided in two by borders, founded the Transbordering Laboratory project.  Their main objectives were to research and map European cities that are divided by borders, to find partners, and to establish connections and a sustainable network.

GO! 2025 - European Capital of Culture is seeking applications from creative and performance designers for the design of various materials and the preparation for their production.

The Commission for Mandate Issues of Election and Appointment of the City Council of the Municipality of Nova Gorica is announcing a public open call for the position of director of the public institution GO! 2025 – European Capital of Culture, Nova Gorica.