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There is an increasingly important issue affecting cities and the lives of citizens: it is the relationship between the centre and the neighbourhood.

The first monitoring reports for Trencin 2026 with the recommendations of the evaluation panel have been published on the European Commission website.

Below are the recommendations for Trencin.

This autumn Trencin 2026 will launch Runway training programmes to help organise the European Capital of Culture project. They are starting with training for cultural managers who want to take their organisation or project to an international level.

Europe Day in Trenčín was held in the spirit of concerts, discussions, literature and experiential formats. With the Europe in Trenčín mini-festival, the city joined the European celebration of Europe Day - a celebration of peace and unity in Europe.

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic published the Experts Panel’s report on the Selection of the European Capital of Culture 2026 in Slovakia. It states how the experts panel perceived the final bids of finalists - Nitra, Trenčín and Žilina - their final Bid books, presentations, Q&A session as well as jury visit in each city. The panel also wrote recommendations for every city.

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