Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Veszprém 2023, Tartu and his culture for InterUrban

Veszprem 2023 Veszprem 2023

Veszprém and Bakony-Balaton region hosts the world: 29 cities from around the globe to be exact, throughout the year. Guest cities from Japan to Jamaica have 2 weeks to showcase their culture within the framework of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture’s InterUrban event series, carried out by well connected Hangvető.

From January till December almost 150 programmes, including world class jazz concerts, creative writing workshops, street theater performances and a bicycle raves feature in Veszprém’s most diverse, most wide-reaching programme series as of yet.

The city presented in the programme will be Tartu (Estonia), European Capital of Culture 2024 (23 October - 5 November 2023).

Tartu has serious claims to culture, as the seat of the first Estonian university, the originator of the Festival of Song, and the oldest city of the Baltics. Member of the Hanseatic League, a long-standing center of trade and learning, it retained its qualities whether under German, Swedish, Russian or Polish sway. Its historic cityscape and unique atmosphere are tinged with the playfulness and down-to-earth character of Estonians.

Speaking of which, Tartu saw the first Festival of Song in 1869, at the time of, and expressing the beginnings of Estonian nationhood. Just how much singing and music is intertwined with Estonian identity becomes clear from the events of the Singing Revolution - a four-year wave of protests that swept the Baltics and ended Soviet rule. There’s a layer to the frolicky folk and fresh music arriving to Veszprém in Tartu’s two-week InterUrban turn.

All the programme in the press release attached to this news.

On the agenda: Silver Sepp and Kristiina Ehin, The magical realism of Mehis Heinsaar, Curly Strings, Mari Kalkun, Tartu Uus Movement Theater performance.