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Bad Ischl 2024, Artistic crafts exhibition and workshop

In the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) year 2024, the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut and its project partner Otelo are fully dedicated to their joint ECOC-project “SCALA – Salzkammergut Craft Art Lab”.

In its special exhibition “PerlMUT”/pearl courage the Centre for contemporary craft-based culture shows a wide variety of exhibition features designed by crafts people, artists and schools both of regional and international origin.
Exciting perspectives arise by showcasing outfits by the US American textile artist Shae Bishop along with “traditional” clothing habits of the Salzkammergut or by objects by the Japanese glass artist Shige Fujishiro contrasting with traditional pearl bonnets and pearl-knitted features. The exhibition at the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut in Bad Goisern runs from May 25th through October 31st.

Beading workshop with the Haslach Textile Center

For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by pearls and have dived into the depths of seas and rivers in search of shells that contain the precious pearls.

In many cultures, shiny pearls have a profound symbolic character. In China, for example, they are like this. B. the symbol of wealth, wisdom and dignity, in Japan they mean happiness, in India they mean abundance of children. In Western culture the pearl is often associated with the noble characteristics of a woman.

Even if they do not work with precious mother-of-pearl, but with colored beads made of glass or wood, the charm remains the same: the small, glittering pearls are attractive in the true sense of the word and make you want to decorate. They encourage you to create and can be worn and given as a symbol of good wishes. Over the centuries, people around the world have developed a variety of techniques and used textile skills to string, weave, knot beads and integrate them into knitting, crochet, lace making or embroidery. Artistic clothes, handbags, bags and, above all, jewelery are born.

In our workshop we will design individual beaded bracelets and learn three techniques: bead stringing, bead weaving and bead knotting. After introducing the basic techniques, everyone can develop their own model and create their own individual piece of jewelry. If you have the desire and patience, you also have the option of weaving a small bag with beaded edges.

For adults and children aged 8 and over, open with comings and goings

Beaded knitting workshop with Ada Even
Born in the Netherlands and living in Germany for 33 years, Ada Even learned to knit with beads in the Netherlands. For many years you have collected relevant historical objects, researched and published on the topics of bead knitting techniques, pocket hangers, historical patterns, antique Dutch beaded coin purses, money cats, children's bonnets and star bags. You collect historical objects and for many years you have also held courses to pass on bead making techniques.

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