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Mariateresa Cascino

Mariateresa Cascino

Ecocnews Editor in Chief, Journalist, book lover and Co-Founder of the Women’s Fiction Festival.

A city is a living place, a city lives, just like a human being: it grows and changes. It ages and renews itself. Fortunately, it does not die, in most cases. And there are those who try not to undergo it, but to lead this change through culture.

In 2031 it will be the turn of Spain and Malta to nominate the European capital of culture. For Spain it will be the fifth time after Madrid (1992), Santiago de Compostela (2000), Salamanca (2002) and San sebastian (2016). The first city to have decided to apply for European capital of culture for 2031 is Burgos which yesterday launched its motto: Renaissance.

 After having interviewed Steve Green, today we ask the same questions to another Ecocs expert, Sir Bob Scott.

Today begins a series of interviews with the leading experts of the European Capitals of Culture.
The first one is with Steve Green. Green was appointed Chairman of the European Commission jury to select the European Capital of Culture from 2011 to 2016 and main author of the Guide to Candidates issued by the European Commission.