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Esch and Kaunas, from Japan the "Hand Shadow Show"

In May 2022, the Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA is scheduled to organize their performance tour in Europe, including this year’s European Capitals of Culture Esch (Luxembourg) and Kaunas (Lithuania). Their shadow fantasy theater works and hand shadow performances have been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

Beautiful images are manipulated by lights and shadows, and various silhouettes of animals are woven up by acrobatic hands. Surely, everyone has a memory of playing with “hand shadow” at least once. Yet, they have advanced and developed the hand shadows into a higher performative technique. KAKASHIZA present the piece named “Hand Shadow Show” In this Show, hand shadow animals portray a loving story full of humor. You may be surprised by the fact that the animals are consisted by only performers’ bare hands and bodies.
This time, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which has hosted many displaced people from Ukraine, they have decided to hold a charity performance for Ukrainian children! Kakashiza is now challenging crowdfunding campaign for the realization of this charity performance.
Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA is the first professional theatre company of modern shadow play in Japan.
The charm of shadow play lies within the magical effects, bringing infinite imagination to viewers. With such charming effects, KAKASHIZA has produced various works that lead people into the world of drama, inventing original drama styles that refresh the shadow play.
Currently, they are broadening their scope comprehensively into a new performance area combining shadow art technique, publications, TV programs, and motion pictures, making their performance available worldwide.

14 May
La Nuit de la Culture @ Lycée Hubert Clément Esch (Esch, Luxembourg) here.

17 May
★Charity Performance★@Keistuolia Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania), here.

21 and 23 May
International Puppet Theatre Festival KAUNAS PUPPET22@Kaunas Puppet Theatre (Kaunas, Lithuania), here.

26 and 28 May
Nippon Connection Film Festival (Frankfurt, Germany), here.

*Meet Up Profile (Eu Japan Fest): here.

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