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The Japanese heart beats at the Sabotage festival

Music producers, DJs, soundsystems & visual artists across Europe and Japan join forces this fall at SABOTAGE 2022. Only to showcase some of the best live performances, dj sets, new media art installations and to share knowledge through talks, documentaries & workshops. This year the program takes place at Corneliu Miklosi Public Transport Museum.

SABOTAGE owns and manages a stage for live electronic music performances in Timisoara, Romania. The journey began in 2013 and continues to flourish every year. Bringing together artists from various backgrounds and connecting musicians, labels and agencies worldwide. Also in the 2022 edition of the Sabotage Festival, as in the previous one, there will be some Japanese artists.

Sabotage festival is scheduled from 23 to 25 September at Multipexity in Timisoara, the European capital of culture 2023 with the support of EuJapanFest.

Artist from Japan are Tetsuji Ohno, Mieko Suzuki, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Akiko Kiyama, Takaaki Itoh.

Mieko Suzuki
Mieko Suzuki is a DJ, sound artist and music curator based in Berlin. She was trained in classical piano in Japan from an early age on, and in her later teens shifted interest to electronic music. Since 1998 Mieko Suzuki has been permanently involved in the international music scene, and performed in 18 countries across Europe, Asia and the US. Her awardwinning sets and live performances are grounded in deep hauling bass and create a constant tension between the delicate, the raw and the daring. By mixing analogue and digital sounds via the use of effector pedals and often more than the usual two record players or CDJs, Mieko Suzuki creates unique sonic environments that range from club oriented techno sets to experimental approaches heavily relying on field recordings and feedback loops.

Kuniyuki Takahashi
Kuniyuki Takahashi is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. In 1994, he started his solo musical career. In 1997, as FRR HIVE, he released a mini album which was released on CD and 12INCH from the BASSMENTAL label. And in 1998, he had been participated in the RAINBOW 2000 outdoor festival in Japan, as a member of HOSONO HARUOMI(YMO) group. In 2000, as Kuni, he released a track which was included on Dego of 4 Hero's, 2000 BLACK label called "THE GOOD GOOD" compilation. In 2001, as KOSS, he has released his full-length album out of soundofspeed and as Kuni, he released a12inch EP from Lifeline Records.

Kuni also remixed ANANDA PROJECT's track, "Cascades of Colour", which was included in the Ananda Project Remix Album titled, Re-Release out of King Street Sounds. In 2002, as Kuniyuki, he just released a 12inch EP called "Precious Hall", out of Natural Resource, a division of Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Music label. As KOSS, he released his 1st LIVE album CD through soundofspeed.

He is no doubt one of Japan's best kept secrets. International DJ's such as Joe Claussell, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels. He has also been working closely with the soundofspeed crew over the past few years and releasing hisworks on their own label and performing live with them in their famed parties which are held regularly in Tokyo and sometimes in parties such as the Big Chill and in excursions to Austria and Europe. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo, Kuniyuki Takahashi!


Akiko Kiyama
Akiko Kiyama was born in Tokyo,JAPAN, the artist based in Berlin,Germany since 2007. She is the first female techno,minimal producer in Japan.

Since her youth,she was surrounded by classic music education and had been playing piano for 20 years.And she also started playing electronic guitar when she was 12 years old.Through the experience of guitar , she found the other possibilities from classic music and got more interested in the sounds expanded by electricity. At the age of 14, she happened to listen to Drum'nBass on the radio show that made her turn toward club music.To pursue , to evolve and to have more music experiences , she decided to create her own tracks in 2002.

The music career has started since 2004 since her debut EP " Dimension" on Sud Electronic(London) which got great reviews by top world class DJ & Musicians like Mad Mike,Richie Hawtin , Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos. And in November 2005, her track " Like Ancient" has been licensed by M-NUS records ,and is appeared on DE9 Transitions by Richie Hawtin.

In 2007, She moved to Berlin to follow through with her commitment to dance music and to develop her style further. She also released several singles on reputable labels such as Contexterrior, Lick My Deck, etc and her first album "7years" came out on District of Corruption under Kompakt.Since then she has been playing in Europe, North & South America and Japan widely, including her main acts at Fabric London and Panorama bar Berlin.

Tetsuji Ohno
Intercity-Express is an audiovisual project by Tokyo-based artist Tetsuji Ohno. Ohno started working as a DJ from the mid 90’s and advanced towards producing his own works by the turn of the millennium. Besides his audiovisual performances, he works as a music composer and producer for commercials and advertising. Throughout his journey as a musician he incorporated many different styles and genres, ranging from house to techno, to noise and electronica. Intercity-Express’s very own sound is a synesthesia of all these different influences. Recent performances and exhibitions include MUTEK in Montreal, Scopitone Festival in France, Sónar in Portugal, Sunscape Festival in Malta, FILE in Brazil, AVA in Northern Ireland, L.E.V in Spain, HPL in Russia, and so on

Takaaki Itoh
Straight from the 90’s Japanese underground scene, he’s one of the most influential artists in the modern labyrinthic sound approach. Raw waves and repetitive tunes create obscure masterpieces.

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