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EuJapan Fest, Ecocs meet Japanese artists in Tokyo

Plovdiv 2019, Kimono show Plovdiv 2019, Kimono show Photo by Manol Donchev

Once again this year, Eu japan fest, like every year, in occasion of the General Committee meeting is organising a meeting in Tokyo to compare all the European capitals of culture in order to strengthen the network of cities, but also to present the projects of the European capitals of culture to Japanese artists.

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2024, 14:30-18:00.

And again this year, as last year, EcocNews will be present with its international relations manager Alberto Giordano who takes part to the event also as Goodwill Ambassador of Matera 2019".

But unlike last year, the focus of his speech will be the presentation of EcocNews, its editorial activities, and the communication possibilities not only of cultural programmes, but also of Japanese artists participating in the programmes of the European Capitals of Culture.

It is no coincidence that among the sections of EcocNews there is also one dedicated to the Eu Japan fest projects and the Japanese artists who present their languages in the ecocs.

"Also this year," writes Eu Japan Fest in the launch note of the initiative, "representatives of the 14 host cities of the European Capital of Culture will meet in Tokyo to present the attractions and activity policies of each host city. Japanese artists interested in developing their activities in Europe will be able to find out how they can participate in the European Capital of Culture. A networking programme will be held here where they will be able to promote their activities. Eu japan fest invites interested artists to register on the 'Meet Up ECoC!' database, where portfolios can be submitted in advance. The committee will also provide travel support for participation in the European Capital of Culture.

“The European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) is one of the best-known cultural programs in the European Union (EU). For 39 years, the European Capital of Culture continues to develop into a global arts and cultural exchange program with artists from over 100 countries participating each year. In addition, over the past 31 years, some 32,000 artists and youth from Japan have participated in programs organized, researched, and negotiated by the European Capital of Culture”.

EU-Japan Fest was established by volunteers from the Japanese business community and ambassadors of European countries to Japan in response to a request for cooperation from the Cultural Capital of Europe Antwerp in 1993. EU-Japan Fest provides support to the Cultural Capital of Europe from the preparation of the program, to the holding of the event, and to the continuation of the program after its completion.

The program here.