Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Can culture be a shield against the degradation of politics and public institutions? Can the values of the European Union represent a weapon to defend the autonomy of individual countries?

The end of 2024 is only a few months away. The same months until the end of the Leeds Capital of Culture year. For us at EcocNews, a true European Capital of Culture, independent of Brexit.

Ibrahim Mahama: TRANSFER(S) Lecture followed by a discussion between Ibrahim Mahama and Anika Reineke.

Notre Dame is called the soul of Paris. This church is a place of identification for an entire country. As a result of the tragic fire in 2019, their bells have fallen silent. However, these bells were not damaged by the fire and quietly “listen” to the sounds of the city around Notre Dame. Silent Echoes: Notre Dame  is a continuously live-streamed sound sculpture that makes audible the simple physical fact that these bells are constantly ringing in secret.

Inviting cultural organisations to submit an ambitious artistic proposal that contributes to imagining Europe and its future(s), the call to curate and host The European Pavilion 2024 sparked interest all over the continent. The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) received as many as thirty-nine proposals from organisations based in more than twenty countries.

Two initiatives dedicated to two great Slovenian architects. One in Nova Gorica, ecoc 2025, the other in Matera.

Culture Action Europe, on behalf of a group of 70 networks and organisations from across the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSIs), has addressed a letter of concern to the EU Member States and the Council of the EU regarding the proposed cuts by 40 million EUR to the Creative Europe budget 2024. (The letter is attached to this news item).

In Malta, while some cities are starting to warm up their motors for the next European Capital of Culture in 2031, La Valletta, European Capital of Culture in 2018 continues to organise many cultural events.

The Regional Natural History Museum is organizing a two-day butterfly festival on September 18 and 19 from 11:00 to 16:00 h. a Plovdiv as legacy of Plovdiv 2019, european capital of culture.

"Look in to my ice" is an initiative to enhance emotional engagement and conscious awareness towards the disappearance of glaciers and polar ice. 

In 2028, it will be France, the Czech Republic, with Budweis, and one of the two EFTA/EEA countries, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, who will designate the European Capital of Culture. Budva and Skopje have been shortlisted in the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028 in an EFTA/EEA country, candidate country or potential candidate.

The most significant art gathering in this part of Europe, the sixth Kaleidoscope of Culture in Novi Sad, from 7 September to 15 October, will present the world’s greatest artistic names, giants of Serbian culture and young artists on the rise, in the most important spatial legacies of the European Capital of Culture – the District and the network of cultural stations.

Already 10 Ukrainian cities support the candidacy of Rzeszów as the European Capital of Culture in 2029, declaring their interest and readiness to implement joint projects.

Meanwhile, the petition launched by EcocNews and addressed to the European Commission for Ukraine, as a country preparing to join the EU, to nominate a European Capital of Culture in 2030 is still alive here.

Having seen which Swedish cities are preparing to apply to become European Capital of Culture in 2029, we now see what the situation is in Poland, the other state that, together with Sweden, will have to nominate the ecoc. For Poland the deadline for submitting an application is September 2023.

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