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Esch 2022, Remix festival will be done by everyone

By Press release August 11, 2021
Sasha Ley dans Besuch der alten Dame Sasha Ley dans Besuch der alten Dame Photo by Patrick Galbats

From the end of September until the beginning of December 2021, Esch2022 invites people to take part in panel discussions, workshops and special events with artists and project partners. These serve to prepare and help shape the REMIX Opening on 26 February and show the various facets of Esch2022 in advance; they offer the opportunity to help shape the future of the 19 participating municipalities. Free admission, reservation is required.

”Through the REMIX Festival, we want to release a creative energy made up of collaboration, exchange, dialogue, active participation and co-creation. The scope of Esch2022 should extend beyond 2022. The various initiatives allow participants to look behind the scenes of the preparation for Esch2022 and it welcomes new encounters, debates and forms of expression. All of this is done with the aim of opening up a debate about our region", said Nancy Braun, General Director at Esch2022.

Special Events, Panel Discussions and Workshops

Special events designed exclusively for the REMIX Festival in the entire region provide a glimpse behind the scenes. These events include, among other things, a contemporary dance performance by the Luxembourg Collective of Dance (LUCODA), a mini concert by one of Luxembourg’s leading contemporary ensembles, United Instruments of Lucilin, as well as access to rehearsals for the participatory theatre project “Der Besuch der alten Dame” (The Visit) by the collectiveIndependant Little Lies (ILL); an exciting REMIX of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s famous play directed by Claire Thill, created with the citizens of the Biergerbühn.

The panel discussions invite you to debate with experts on contemporary European culture. Through collaborative exchanges about social issues such as gender, identity, industrialisation, globalisation, the environment, memory and technology, different points of view will be discussed and debated. Workshops with members from the cultural arena (artists by Man’ok & Cie, the collective Merci Raymond as well as the theatre group Pièces Montées), and the research arena (like computer scientists from the University of Luxembourg) will bring participants and visitors closer to movement and theatre, music, nature, and artificial intelligence and inspire their creativity.

Under the sponsorship of the Minister of Education, Children and Youth in Luxembourg, the Dean of the Académie du Grand Est in France and in collaboration with the Luxembourg Space Agency and the Luxembourg Science Centre, Esch2022 invites schools from the Pro-Sud union and CCPHVA municipalities from September on to the painting contest “Molconcours”, a Creative Competition – Young People's Ideas for the Future of Space Travel.

A new platform for local music will also be launched through the “Future Frequencies” music workshops. The results of these workshops will be presented at Esch2022’s opening ceremony on 26 February 2022. The aim is to create a musical symbol of Esch2022. Through the motto REMIX, people should meet and create something together, thereby rethinking the Esch2022 region, Europe and the world of the 21st century.

Free admission, reservation required. Places are limited.

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