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Guimarães, Re-Make | Dialogues for a Textile Culture

Contextile 2022 will host two artistic residencies within the biennial’s programme between the 15th July and the 31st August 2022 in Guimarães, Portugal. Deadline: 09th January 2022. Therefore, they invite all interested artists to apply and present a proposal for an artistic project to be developed and produced in one of these residencies.

The artistic work in residency may be materialized through different techniques, namely Jacquard, Printing and Embroidery of Guimarães (among others), European Capital of culture 2012, being Contextile positioned as a facilitator of the inherent processes and technologies and mediator with the partners in different working contexts (textile industry, artisans, etc). The proposals should have as reference the Contextile 2022 Biennial’s concept and curatorial framework: Re-Make | Dialogues for a Textile Culture.

Considering that convulsions have the power to place us in confrontation with the world, one imagines in this contemporaneity (here and now) a willingness to re-make, based on a critical thinking. The title is a constructed and polysemic term, resulting from the “space in between” the action and the reaction.

 There we operate in prefix, in the origin, in the cause, in the creation, in the construction, in the thought, in the connection, in the transformation. This will be the condition and the possible space for us to think the world, and wish to access some (few) answers, through the countless intra-textual, intertextual, contextual and interdependent relations – of the ecosystems, their emergencies and their “-cides” - body, history, politics, society, economy, territory, ecology.

From this condition crossed dialogues emerge, questions are provoked and one acts in mutatis mutandis. - But what changes can we, then, propose? How can we re-make? What are the new materializations of that making that acts in a “space in between”, based on an urgency for new significations of the actions and thoughts?

This reflection is proposed from the contexts of textile culture, their inter and intra-texts, and their possibilities of, in a re-make, to rethink themselves and the world: textile as potential matter, its story and importance in the history of humanity itself and in the construction of the world, the conditions of labor, its industry and impacts on the territories and their communities.

Textile and art are presented as an action and reaction to time and to space, in response to the political and social conditions, as alchemical body, reacting to stimuli, such as fiction or fantasized reality and new imaginaries, as an experimental medium attentive to the new ecologies of production, as a questioner of borders and limits or their nonexistence. Textile and textile art (or textile in art) are therefore affirmed, as inciters and convenors, also capable of provoking change and response in a time that is of now. Able to make, to make again, to re-make.

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