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Matera 2019, Happy birthday to Open Culture Volunteers

By press release Giovedì, 15 Febbraio 2024
Matera, Open Culture Volunteers Matera, Open Culture Volunteers Photo by Matera 2019

In the last few days the Open Culture Volunteers Association has turned three years old, having been founded in February 2021 after Matera 2019.

Although only three years have passed, there are many collaborations of this association both with local festivals and with Italian and European cultural capitals.
Its members, building on the skills they had acquired during the formidable experience of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, decided to create a group that could make a contribution in the cultural sphere on a local, national and European level. The party was a good opportunity to present the Board of Directors, which took office in January after a well-attended vote.

The following positions were renewed:

- Trotta Ferdinando President
- Maria Carmela Di Cuia Vice President
- Lucrezia Di Lena Secretary
- Silvia D'ercole Accounting Representative     
- Fabio Moliterni Media and Social Referent
- Roberta Ruggieri Contact person for European and Italian Capitals of Culture tenders and relations
- Eustachio Rondinone Volunteer Activities Contact Person

The new year has only just begun, but the association already boasts 150 members. A source of great pride is the ever-increasing number of new members who are joining the group because they are attracted by the cheerful and engaging spirit that comes from this young association.

Present at the celebrations were old and dear friends of the older volunteers, Rossella Tarantino, Giovanni Oliva, Carla Di Grazia and Massimiliano Burgi, whose guidance has been invaluable for the volunteers who have contributed during the capital year and who now find themselves being the reference points for the younger members.

More and more requests for collaboration are coming in from very different cultural backgrounds, which see VOC 2019 as an asset in carrying out their activities in the community.

"As a board, we are delighted to continue cultural volunteering as an example of active citizenship more and more present in the community, and we thank everyone for the trust we have received, aiming to work more and more closely with citizens and institutions," says Ferdinando Trotta, President of Volunteers Open Culture 2019.