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Chemnitz 2025, Five open call are online

Chemnitz Chemnitz

Chemnitz and 38 partner municipalities and communities in the Central Saxony, Erzgebirge and Zwickau region will be the European Capital of Culture 2025. 

Kulturhauptstadt Europas Chemnitz 2025 GmbH (Kulturhauptstadt GmbH) is the company entrusted with the implementation of the project ideas outlined in bid book II. This company is planning and managing all the activities included in the programme for the Capital of Culture year.

Kulturhauptstadt Europas Chemnitz 2025 GmbH is working under the motto “C the Unseen” to place a key focus on activities in the areas of socioculture, art, tinkerer and maker culture, food and eating culture, the environment, sustainability, children’s, youth and senior citizens’ activities as well as other areas of society and culture. To this end, it is bringing together regional and national as well as international partners.

Kulturhauptstadt GmbH is launching the European Workshop for Culture and Democracy listed in bid book II with public calls for proposals (Open Calls), and in 2023 and 2024 will involve a wide range of stakeholders from the area of culture and civil society in the Capital of Culture programme. 

These calls for proposals cover the following areas:

1) Capacity building and networking programme for project ideas

2) Pilot projects in civil society. Start of the Open Call expected in May 2023

3) Cross-border cooperation with partners in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany

4) Projects for young and older people

5) Start of the Open Call expected in September 2023

The Open Calls are intended to support projects focusing on content that has a strong link to the five programme areas presented in bid book II:
European Makers of Democracy
How can taking part in culture and civic participation strengthen social cohesion? The central element of the Capital of Culture programme is to inspire as many people as possible as to become “makers” – creative, self-effective people who contribute their skills and knowledge to shaping their social environment. This creative and entrepreneurial potential often lies hidden in Chemnitz and the region, but it is waiting to be discovered and experienced on closer inspection. The makers become European makers of democracy when they, together with others, use this potential to create something and take care of their fellow human beings, while treating each other with respect and seeing otherness as enriching for civil society.

Eastern State of Mind
The aim in this programme area is to uncover Eastern European influences on our everyday lives, which are often unjustly concealed, and to bring this influence to life in projects. By working together on creative endeavours, the intention is to open people’s hearts, bringing them closer together through shared stories and ideas. The aim of the projects is to create connections between a wide range of European maker identities.

Generous Neighbours
Generous Neighbours is an invitation to take a look beyond your own horizons: What are other people actually doing? The aim is to make values such as respect, tolerance and solidarity something people can experience in their everyday lives together by discovering and experiencing unimagined commonalities in projects. Promoting democracy through art and culture, participation and long-term involvement – how does living together as real neighbours come about?

Makers shape cities, regions and Europe – that’s how they make history. They often work alone and unobserved – in the studio, at the workbench, in the cellar, in the garage or behind the counter. The programme aims to bring together creative people who have an inventive and entrepreneurial spirit, artistic skills and visionary drive. How can they be empowered to use their skills?

It's Moving!
This programme area gets out of the city – into the 38 partner municipalities and communities of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz. And into a cultural region that is rediscovering its own tradition and history as part of a moving exchange and putting its topics front and centre. It’s Moving! opens up new encounters in projects along the Purple Path, the emerging art and sculpture trail, and initiates shared negotiations on the future of the region.

 All the information here.

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