Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Bodo 2024, published the programme of the events

Bodo 2024 Bodo 2024 Photo by Dan Mariner

After Tartu 2024, Bodo 2024 also published the programme of the events that will take place in the European Capital of Culture year. While on 15 November, in the European Parliament building in Brussels, the three European Capitals of Culture 2024, Tartu, Bodo and Salzkammergut will present their programmes. Ecocnews will be present at the press conference with two journalists.

More than 100 major new cultural projects have now been presented, including music, dance, theater, revue, art, food, literature, outdoor activities and sports. It's not the size of the events that is most important, but the breadth and diversity - these are the real stars of their  program.

As they strive to create an unforgettable Capital of Culture experience in the Arctic, they want to highlight the uniqueness of each individual experience.

Discover all the details and dive into the diversity of events here. On February 3, they will gather in a circle around the marina - regardless of the weather - and enjoy a spectacular show, before moving inside and continuing the party in the city. There will be a Sami market in Rådhusparken, and all the city's small and large places will be there to make their mark on the day.

The tiny otolith, the cod's ear stone, contains physical evidence of who each individual fish is. How old it is, where it has been, its environment and climate. Like tree rings. This is the starting point for the opening of Bodø2024: who and what they are, who and what they want to be, and what memories they will create over the next year. This is also implemented in the floating stage that is central to the opening moment.

Enjoy a fantastic show created and produced by Phase7 from Berlin, in close collaboration with Nordland Teater.

Creative Director: Sven Beyer
Co-Director: Birgitte Strid
Dramaturg: Christiane Neudecker

Choreographer: Ada Einmo Jürgensen
Architect: Hans-Petter Bjørnådal
Curator: Ina Otzko 


When: February 3 at 20.00
Where: Stormen Concert Hall, Bodø

Bodø2024 joins forces with Bodø Jazz Open and Arktisk Filharmoni when the official opening of Bodø2024 is rounded off with a large-scale musical statement from the north.

Liv Andrea Hauge, Joakim Rainer Petersen and Alexander Aarøen each represent a bright future for the North Norwegian music scene. Together with Arktisk Filharmoni, Bodø Jazz Open and Bodø2024, they present new music, written especially for this evening. The composers provide three different answers to the question of what Bodø2024 is and means. Whether it is concrete musical answers or freer reflections, we get to hear three clear, young voices from the north.

Liv Andrea Hauge from Mosjøen, Joakim Rainer Petersen from Bodø and Alexander Aarøen from Balsfjord are three young, renowned and award-winning performers and composers. Bringing them together on one and the same stage, together with the world's northernmost professional orchestral institution, the Arctic Philharmonic, is not an end to the opening day of Bodø2024, but a clear colon for the year - and the years - to come. These are artists who already represent Northern Norway in the world, and it is a great privilege to have them together in Bodø.

Liv Andrea Hauge plays with and writes for a number of constellations, such as Kongle Trio and Liv Andrea Hauge Ensemble. She comes to Bodø with a piano trio, three vocalists and the full line-up of the Arktisk Filharmoni. Her music is rooted in modern jazz and pop music. Melodious, with driving riffs and room for improvisation. The orchestra opens up the opportunity to explore the extremes of the music, amplifying the elements often found in improvised music, this evening with as many as 60 performers on stage.

Bodø native Joakim Rainer Petersen has in recent years been part of the strong jazz scene in Trondheim, and is today a sought-after musician who can regularly be found at European clubs, festivals and stages and is currently based in Berlin. His debut album Light.Sentence with Joakim Rainer Trio has received praise from several key international music media throughout 2023. The inspiration from the light in Nordland becomes a natural red thread from Light.Sentence to his debut with Arktisk Filharmoni. In this work, he is joined by an all-star team that includes New York-based saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and multidisciplinary artist and musician Lasse Marhaug, as well as his trio partners Alex Riris on double bass and Rino Sivathas on drums.

Alexander Aarøen has distinguished himself as a true virtuoso with the orchestra. He has the ability to turn an orchestra into one large instrument. Aarøen's "Aspirations" is the official anthem for the formal part of the opening of Bodø2024. The work is a musical letter to the children of the future. Aarøen has written a musical call to reach for their potential, dare to be themselves, and learn to interact with other people. 

ÁRRAN 360° is a hybrid between indigenous storytelling and innovative film technology. Árran means hearth. A gathering place. A place where stories are told. Árran360 is the world's largest lavvo, ten meters high, with a film screen along the entire inner wall. Here you are surrounded by stories and get closer to the culture than ever before. 

In August 2022, Árran360° premiered at the Venice Biennale.

On February 3, 2024, you can experience Árran360° in Bodø, with newly produced films.

Anna Katri Helander, Ken Are Bongo, Aleksander Olai Korsnes, Ann Holmgren Aurebekk, Hans Pieski, Liselotte Wajstedt, Marja Helander and Silja Somby. 

Opening: February 3, 2024

When: February 3 - March 31, October 1 - December 31
Where : Petter Dass Museum

On February 3, there will be live music in Alstahaug Church. Installation outdoors and indoors (in the auditorium and on a monitor) about the project HAVETS VEJE, Tura-Ya-Moya and the local children's bid for FISKENS SANG. This will take place between 16.00 and 20.00.

The rock wall in the mountain passage, where the iconic Petter Dass Museum is located, will in 2024 become Venue for a piece of Landart by media artist Karen Thastum (DK). After dark, a media installation with graphic image projections and sound will be shown. 

The installation FISKENS SANG addresses our stories and our relationship with nature, fish and the sea. 

Karen Thastum (DK), who is internationally known for her many site-specific audiovisual installations, comes to Helgeland and Alstahaug to create this project together with the Petter Dass Museum. With this collaboration, we want to show a special commitment to the European Capital of Culture Bodø2024 cultural year. 


The project FISKENS SANG is implemented in a collaboration with the overall title HAVETS VEIE-ÁHPI, which the artist's art project TURA YA MOYA has a collaboration with the local museums in Nordland County Council, Bodøgaard Art and Culture and the European Capital of Culture Bodø2024. The project includes installations, workshops and Exhibitions in connection with the European Capital of Culture Bodø2024.

Media installation and images: Karen Thastum (DK).
Music & sound installation for the opening of the project: Karen Thastum (DK), Trine Benedicte Jenssen (vocals), Carl Ninian Wika (violin) and Liv Thastum (DK).
Technology: Iteam by Kristian Pettersen
Production: Helgeland museum avd.Petter Dass-museet by Irena Jovic, and TURA YA MOYA - Media Art by Karen Thastum
Indoor children's video: Søvik Oppvekstsenter
Thanks to: Statens Kunstfond (Denmark), Nordlands Fylkeskommune, Scandic Hotell Syv Søstre Sandnessjøen.