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Light is an element of nature that strongly characterises the landscape of northern Norway. Divided between periods of light and periods of darkness, this territory represents an exceptional experience to live the days in a different way, marked by a weather that always surprises. Just think of the Northern Lights with those shades of colours that provide unique experiences, certainly for travellers who often choose this corner of the world to experience these emotions.

This weekend marked the official opening of Bodø2024, the first European Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle. 20,000 attended the spectacular opening show in Bodø Harbour on Saturday evening.

For the first time, the European Capitals of Culture decided to officially present all together and in a symbolically very important place like the European Parliament, in Brussels.

After Tartu 2024, Bodo 2024 also published the programme of the events that will take place in the European Capital of Culture year. While on 15 November, in the European Parliament building in Brussels, the three European Capitals of Culture 2024, Tartu, Bodo and Salzkammergut will present their programmes. Ecocnews will be present at the press conference with two journalists.

Bodo 2024 is looking for a composer/musical director who, together with a creative team, will work on a fantastic midsummer event in June 2024. The midsummer event will be one of the highlights of the programme for Bodø2024 European Capital of Culture.

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