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The European Capital of Culture 2026 brings they Oulu’s new ARToulu art area, where art will pop up and surprise all in unexpected places. Dozens of installed artworks will change the face of the Oulujoki estuary’s seven city neighborhoods, turning them into interesting and distinctive art areas. Some of the artwork will permanently remain part of the cultural landscape and the art area will continue to evolve even after the European Capital Cultural year.

Bielsko-Biala, located South of Poland (bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia), surrounded by the mountains and a candidate city for European Capital of Culture in 2029, is looking for landscape art project proposals by creatives from all over the world with experience working in outdoor natural spaces and a participatory approach.

Light is an element of nature that strongly characterises the landscape of northern Norway. Divided between periods of light and periods of darkness, this territory represents an exceptional experience to live the days in a different way, marked by a weather that always surprises. Just think of the Northern Lights with those shades of colours that provide unique experiences, certainly for travellers who often choose this corner of the world to experience these emotions.

How might a new European electronic music sound that originates from itself and the personalities of its creators? Radical? Elegant? Deconstructed? Reconstructed? A mixture of everything?

GO! 2025, Nova Gorica - Gorizia is launching a new post of Assistant to CEO for Cross-border Cooperation. Closing date: 25 April 2024

Troubled times. Farmers block roads, others cling to them. Motorcades honking their horns against the government. Tomato soup on Van Gogh! On Mondays, adults walk against the government, on Fridays, children protest against climate killers. Lying press, lying press! The silent centre is against right-wing extremism. Animal rights must be protected, the education system must be reformed and in general: let's all get our whistles out for better pay!

Bradford 2025 is the company created to deliver the Bradford district’s year of culture. A hugely exciting time for the Bradford district, we’re set to deliver more than 1,000 new performances and events. It’s an opportunity for the city to about bring a new side of Bradford to the world.

In Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2025, a heartfelt call for peace in Israel and Palestine was launched by the mayors Samo Turel and Rodolfo Ziberna.

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