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Kaunas 2022, a call for ConTempo Festival

ConTemopo 2019, Day 1 “Trophee” (Rudi van der Merwe & Béatrice Graf); “Absolute Beginners” (TeatrInGestAzione) ConTemopo 2019, Day 1 “Trophee” (Rudi van der Merwe & Béatrice Graf); “Absolute Beginners” (TeatrInGestAzione) Photo by A. Aleksandravičius

The international performing arts festival ConTempo initiated by Kaunas2022 announces an open call for creators living in Lithuania & invites to become a part of the international festival programme.

In two years, the festival has become an exceptional & highly anticipated summer art event for residents, taking them to the most unexpected places in Kaunas & its’ district – from the opera in the industrial hangar to the modern circus in the bus station.

They are looking for:
- Small scale performances, suitable for public, open spaces
- Short (up to 10 min.) performances, suitable for Kaunas Bus Station waiting hall

They are looking for dance, contemporary circus, performance art and interdisciplinary pieces. This year, the flexibility and mobility of the performances, possibility to adapt to the changing situation (to change performance location, adapt to different weather) – are especially relevant. Due to the pandemic situation, performances that do not require direct physical interaction with the audience (audience involvement, physical touching, etc.) are also important.
Deadline: 4th of April

All information here.



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