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Oulu 2026, Open call for cultural programme

Ouluhalli Ouluhalli Photo by Skyfox, Marko Kallio

The Oulu2026 organisation is offering an unmissable opportunity in autumn 2022 for partners to become part of the capital of culture programme.

The autumn 2022 Open Call is specifically aimed at large-scale projects that take several years to prepare or carry out. The call for applications for individual, communal projects will be announced nearer 2026.

The Open Call 2022 is launched in October 3rd 2022 to allow the projects selected for funding sufficient time to create genuine impact and change within the region.

The goal of the Oulu2026 cultural programme is to achieve a permanent cultural climate change and a positive development fuelled by culture in Northern Finland. The programme application opening in autumn 2022 is aimed at large-scale projects that require longer preparation and production time. The “We are the Culture” call for short-term, stand-alone community events and projects will open closer to 2026.

In the applications, a European dimension will be considered an asset. The European dimension may be expressed through the project’s theme, as a pan-European collaboration or as a cultural export element of the project.

The programme must take place entirely or partly within the Oulu2026 project region, which includes the City of Oulu as well as Ii, Pudasjärvi, Hailuoto, Kempele, Lumijoki, Liminka, Tyrnävä, Muhos, Siikajoki, Raahe, Kalajoki, Oulainen, Ylivieska, Sievi, Pyhäntä, Haapajärvi, Nivala, Haapavesi, Kärsämäki, Siikalatva, Vaala, Utajärvi, Paltamo, Suomussalmi, Kemi, Tornio, Kuusamo, Taivalkoski, Kajaani, Sotkamo, Kuhmo and Pielavesi.

The Open Call for applications is open for Finnish and international actors. The co-funding is available for private individuals, working groups, societies and associatios, networks, companies, NGOs and public institutions. The Open Call is aimed at operators in different fields. The Open Call of autumn 2022 is aimed at large-scale projects that the applicants are able to execute independently with the funding provided.

The Oulu Culture Foundation co-funds the projects selected for the cultural programme. The co-funding offered by the Oulu Culture Foundation is determined individually for each project based on the cost estimate and financial plan submitted with the application. The financial liability of the Foundation in the projects is limited to the co-funding provided by the Foundation to the project. All other earnings and cost management are the responsibility of the main responsible party.

The financial plan submitted with the application must include information about the application periods for and the amount of support sought from other sources. It is not necessary for the self-funding to be confirmed at the time of submitting the application but any confirmed funding may be considered an asset.

Important dates

18th Oct Helpdesk clinic *all our producers are currently fully booked*  If you have questions, please email us at opencall(a)oulu2026.eu

19th Oct 14:00 (EEST) Webinar – Open Call

22nd Nov 14:00 (EEST) Webinar – Open Call

9th Dec 23:59 (EEST) Open Call closes

All information here.


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Last modified on Sunday, 09 October 2022 18:07

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