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Bodø2024, Marie Peyre will be responsible for international communications and relations

By Press Release January 20, 2022
Bodo2024 Bodo2024

Bodø2024's Communications & PR Director, Marie Peyre, will take up a new position and will be responsible for the international dimension of the project.  

'It feels like a natural time for me to take on a new role at Bodø2024 now. The communication department is in place and I can concentrate on new challenges. I come originally from France and worked for several years in London, UK. This experience will come in handy when we are to communicate even better with foreign medier and partners', says Marie Peyre.

Marie Peyre started as Communications & PR Director for Bodø2024 in the Autumn of 2020. Over the past year, she has been involved in building up the organisation from scratch. Now she has decided to go deeper into what she is most passionate about, working with Bodø2024's international network.

"Marie has an expertise in this area which is completely unique. With her background as an international travel journalist and editor, she has a perspective on the region that is indispensable when it comes to making Nordland known and attractive outside Norway's borders. Marie simply has the network and the knowledge we need to get international attention", says Bodø 2024's CEO, Andre Wallann Larsen, in a press release.

The reshuffle in Bodø2024 means that the position as Communications & PR Director will be advertised again during the spring. Until a new appointment is made, Wallann Larsen will act as head of department. 



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