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Novi Sad 2022, A Neolithic Night's dream

By press release July 11, 2022
Novi Sad 2022, Liberta film Novi Sad 2022, Liberta film Photo by promo

In the finale of the ‘Fortress of Peace’ programme arch in Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture, they present the Culture Weekend, rich in cultural events, from 15 until 17 July. Here are their recommendations:

15 July, Friday / Museum of Vojvodina / Opening of the multimedia exhibition ‘A Neolithic Night’s Dream’

At the exhibition on early Neolithic culture, the public has an opportunity to gain a different insight into the origin of modern Europe, the first Neolithic revolution, ecological construction, and the society of equality.

The main part of the exhibition will be set in the Ceremonial Hall of the Museum of Vojvodina, while you will be able to visit both the daytime and nighttime exhibits. During the daytime the emphasis will be on people’s everyday life in the Neolithic period, and it refers to cultivation of land, animal breeding, preparing food, craft production, trade, etc. The nighttime exhibit focuses on the supreme art, the spiritual, and the otherworldly.

MetaHuman – Meet a Prehistoric Human!

Visitors to the Museum of Vojvodina will have an opportunity to see a realistic model of the face of a human who lived in Lepenski Vir 10,000 years ago. In addition, visitors will be able to transfer their facial expressions to the digitally revived face of a prehistoric man with the help of modern ‘MetaHuman’ technology.

The face model, i.e., the whole bust, will be exhibited in a display case. The equipment for the digitally ‘revived’ resident of Lepenski Vir consists of a large screen (55 inches), a mobile phone and a computer – using the phone’s front camera, visitors will be able to transfer their facial expressions to the big screen.

Two-Headed Idol

One of the most beautiful neolithic statuettes from the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Vojvodina, the ‘Two-Headed idol’ is made in the form of a sculpture over two meters high. The statuette was one of the central points during DubaiExpo in 2020. It will be moved to Novi Sad and presented at the corner in front of the Museum of Vojvodina.

15 July, Friday / 9 p.m. / Synagogue / Concert Beyond Zero 1914-1918

This exclusive event, with the music composed by the Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov, and the film directed by the famous American director Bill Morrison, had its world premiere in Berkeley (USA) and was performed with great success within the main programme of the festival in Edinburgh. While working on the composition, the world-famous composer from Novi Sad, Aleksandra Vrebalov, was inspired by anti-war prose and poetry, music and art created during or immediately after the First World War (Wilfred Owen, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy). The piece will be performed by the Acies Quartett, while the evening will culminate in chanting by the monks from the Kovilj Monastery, a condensed commemoration of all those who died in the First World War, and those that followed.

16 July, Saturday / 8.20 p.m. / Creative District / Concert Overture for Peace – Philharmonic Orchestra ‘For New Bridges’

With the ‘Overture for Peace’, a composition written especially for this occasion, together with the philharmonic orchestra ‘For New Bridges’ and musicians from Austria, Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will mark the Treaty of Karlowitz and express hope for peace of the new millennium and future Europe. The message of peace will be all the more suggestive given the young musicians gathered in the ‘For New Bridges’ international philharmonic orchestra – students from music academies in Trieste, Graz, Budapest, Sarajevo and Zagreb, organised by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. The unique international philharmonic orchestra will later present ‘the new world’ with the Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 in E minor.

16 July, Saturday / 10.20 / Creative District / Concert Piano Trinity: Vasil Hadžimanov – Bojan Zulfikarpašić – Matija Dedić

The concert will feature extraordinary artists – pianists Vasil Hadžimanov, Matija Dedić and Bojan Zulfikarpašić. They are celebrated musicians with brilliant careers, numerous self-penned albums and awards, and collaborations with the biggest names in jazz and modern music, who set the standards in mixing modern jazz language with Balkan musical heritage. The three artists will perform together for the first time.

17 July, Sunday / 9 p.m. / Film screening under the clear skies – Liberta

Liberta is an epic film saga that defines the city of Novi Sad and Vojvodina as a space in which Serbian culture and tradition most intricately intertwine with European values and challenges of that time. This exciting piece follows the adventures of two Germans and four Serbs who have come to ‘reigning Vienna’ and who finally, after a series of plot twists, succeed in gaining freedom for their city without spilling a drop of blood.

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