Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Tartu 2024, the Young Blood City

Tartu Tartu

Estonian musician and producer NOËP released his new single "Young Blood City," which will also be the offical anthem for Tartu's year as European Capital of Culture in 2024.

"Young Blood City" by NOËP, the solo project of musician and producer Andres Kõpper, is about the youthful energy that always draws people back to Tartu.The song, which was co-written and produced by NOËP and Clifford Goilo, will be played at events throughout 20204, Tartu's year as European Capital of Culture.

"The story behind "Young Blood City" is about thinking about home and the nostalgia that comes with it. I'm not from Tartu, but I extended this feeling to the whole of Estonia," said Kõpper. "Tartu is known as a university town with a younger than average population. The youthful passion and blood is a good basis for fast progress and innovation. In the same way, Estonia, as a young country, has so much potential, which can give it the drive and substance to prove itself," Kõpper said.

The song's release comes less than a week before a special event on October 19, during which the full program for Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture is set to be unveiled at Aparaaditehas. NOËP is set to perform the "Young Blood City," and there will also be appearances from Alika Milova, Mari Kalkun and Maris Pihlap, along with a series of extreme athletes, acrobats, dancers. The show will be broadcast live on Estonian National Public Broadcaster.