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Rijeka 2020, RI-mix of identity

Rijeka 2020, RI-mix of identity Photo by Rijeka 2020

What is Kanat? What is Bugarenje? What are the sounds of Istria and the Kvarner Bay? How can this be remixed in modern music? A new interactive sound art installation "RI-mix of identity - Furious intervals of Istria and Kvarner Bay" has been set up on the external steps of the Export building in the River Delta.

This artistic installation, which is activated by passing through the external stairs of the Export building, was created as part of the homonymous project, as part of the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture program, which explores the two voices of the narrow interval between Istria and Kvarner.

Through the remix process, close intervals are brought into contact with technology to bring them closer to a wider audience, especially young people, and creativity is emphasized in the context of interpreting traditional music in this area. The audio works that can be heard by starting the sound installation were created as remixes of sound materials obtained during the workshops "Oscillator Fans" by Tin Dožić and "Two Voices of Narrow Intervals" by Noel Šuran, which were held in December 2020 at the Palach Youth Cultural Center in Rijeka.

 The authors of the artistic installation are Tin Dožić, Marino Jurcan and Noel Šuran, while Branimir Štivić is responsible for the technical support of the installation. The owner of the project is the Metamedij association from Pula.


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