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Timisoara 2023, Sabotage in MultipleXity with Eu Japan Fest

Hiroko Hacci Hiroko Hacci Photo by Sabotage

Music producers, DJs, soundsystems and visual artists across Europe and Japan join forces this fall at SABOTAGE 2021. Just to showcase some of the best live performances, DJ sets, new media art installations and to share knowledge through lectures, documentaries and workshops, in a converted tram depot called MultipleXity, in Timisoara, Romania.

The journey began in 2013 and continues to flourish every year. Bringing together artists from various backgrounds and connecting musicians, labels and agencies worldwide. The project, which took place from 24 to 26 September, saw the collaboration of Eu Japan Fest with Timisoara2023, the European Capital of Culture.

Some of the artists were:

EchoBoy is a brand new project established by Adam from Riddim Tuffa, one of the pioneers of 80’s Digital Reggae revival scene. Whilst still in the Jamaican reggae style, EchoBoy is more focused on the darker side of Dub, drawing his influence from the current sound of electronic music. His vision is to create a unique combination of different music genres with strong accent on a sub bass freq. 

Kyoka – the first solo female artist on the raster-noton roster – works as musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. She grew up in Japan, having piano, flute and syamisen lessons during her childhood. While listening and recording radio shows and Tuning sound of the radio to tape, she became attracted by the tape recorder and bass sound. Simultaneously, she enjoyed to take her tape recorder to pieces and observe each role. It assisted her to understand the invention of the recording apparatus.

Midori Hirano is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and based in Berlin since 2008. She began releasing her works in 2004 under her own name, and her official solo album „LushRush“ was released by noble records in 2006. With her second release, “klo:yuri”, she developed further into sound research, receiving critical acclaim from various medias of the world including TIME magazine , BBC radio, and FACT Magazine and such. After her relocation to Berlin in 2008, she started her other solo project MimiCof and released the first two albums on PROGRESSIVE FOrM, then the third album „Moon Synch“ on The Notwist’s Alien Transistor label.

SO As an organizer and resident of famed techno festival The Labyrinth, So (Satoshi Aoyagi) has built a reputation as one of Japan’s most respected and reliable DJs. Presenting a well-curated mix of texturally rich, groove-heavy tracks, the Tokyo-based selector maintains deft control of the dance floor, employing smooth mixing techniques that prioritize subtlety and restraint. Over the past several years, So’s reputation in Japan has led to increasing opportunities overseas, including bookings at Nacht Digital, Waking Life, De School, Concrete, Tresor, aboutblank, Ankali, and Berghain. Now more than two decades into his career, So remains a powerful force in Japanese techno as his profile further rises across the globe.

Poly Chain is the project of Sasha Zakrevska – a composer, curator, DJ, designer and radio host from Kyiv, Ukraine. Aiming to bring breath of fresh air into the scene, Poly Chain carefully delivers ambient and club-ready textures with a relevant hypnotic electro imprint. Her productions represent a majestic musical architecture, shaping warm analogue, electronic images. Her performances for CXEMA and Unsound Festival pointed out the inner message of her sound, from a meditation perspective to a fractured condition; music is the vessel. The audience remembers her recent split EP with Nene H for Standard Deviation, the multidisciplinary label platform – offspring of ∄.

Hiroko Hacci is a Milan based Japanese artist. She is currently a resident DJ for online radio station Radio Raheem in Milan and performs in various festivals, clubs and private parties in Italy. The wide variety of sounds she plays makes her a polymorphic artist, able to transform and evolve fluidly according to the desired vibes for the evening.

INDICA DUBS - Sukh started listening to vinyl and attending Roots/Dub events at a young age and describes it as a life changing experience. In 2017, Sukh unleashed the Indica Dubs Sound System. Sticking to the tradition, Sukh plays strictly vinyl and dubplate. The least to say about attending an Indica Dubs Sound System session is that it’s guaranteed to be a special experience with the most exclusive tunes being played straight from the Indica Dubs studio. She is an integral part of the electro/pop musical project “Omnine” with Gak Sato and a singer collaborator in various projects such as Tamburi Neri (worst records, danza tribale) and Dumbo Gets Mad (bad panda records).

Admina is a DJ, producer, visual artist and founding member of Corp., a project aiming to represent and showcase female-identified and non-binary DJ talent in electronic music, while also being dedicated to acquiring and exposing obscure sights and sounds, spanning from experimental to the centre, the netherworlds and beyond.

Alur Duvaal, originally from Timisoara, sought to bring a little bit of novelty to the quiet local scene. Resident DJ for both Launmomentdat and Sabotage, his musical approach aims to draw attention to the melancholic side of techno, a combination of dark and hypnotic rhythms, elegantly shaped to incite the collective dancefloor.

MITSUBITCHI, Born in a discodrome and bred on ruthless dancefloors, Mitsubitchi is here to bring you the sonic excitement of the very present moment. Her ultimate goal is to set the stage for a dynamic rendez-vouz where comfort zones merge with sound-induced sensibility. Her eight years with Pițipoance Întunecate facilitated her journey into the late 70s and 80s, allowing for a deep dive into all things synth and disco. Four years alongside Waves With No Ends further added to that journey, cultivating her interest in post-punk and DIY culture.

Other artists here.



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