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Novi Sad 2022, Small reboots by Japanese Artists

By by EuJapanFest July 25, 2022
Novi Sad 2022, Small reboots by Japanese Artists Photo by Gallery BEL ART

From 12 to 28 August the Small Reboots exhibition will be held at the Museum of Contemporary art Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia) with some Japanese artists such as Sachiko Kodama, Ai Hasegawa, Okada Hiroko, Takanori Ishizuka, Tomohiko Hayashi. In addition, training sessions with students are scheduled from 1st to 21st August. The artists Sachiko Kodama and Ai Hasegawa will participate.

Artist and designer Ai Hasegawa creates works which look at the relationship between technology and people through the use of bio-art, speculative design and design fiction. She obtained her MA in 2012 from the Design Interactions Course, Royal College of Art, London; worked as a researcher at Design Fiction Group, MIT Media Lab from 2014 to fall of 2016; obtained a MS degree in 2016; and has served as Project Researcher at The University of Tokyo since April 2017. She was the winner of the Excellence Award in the Work Art Division in the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival for her work (Im)possible Baby, Case 01: Asako & Moriga. Her work has been included in international exhibitions including MORI Art Museum, Tokyo and Ars Electronica, Linz. In 2020, Ai published a design education book entitled Revolutionary20XX.

Sachiko Kodama (born 1970) is a Japanese artist. She is best known for her artwork using ferrofluid, a dark colloidal suspension of magnetic nano-particles dispersed in solution which remains strongly magnetic in its fluid.[1] By controlling the fluid with a magnetic field, it is formed to create complex 3-dimensional shapes as a "liquid sculpture".[2]

Kodama was born in Kagoshima Prefecture and raised in the Shizuoka Prefecture. Kagoshima is the southwestern tip of the Kyushu island of Japan. It is a subtropical area. Its biological diversity greatly inspired her curiosity toward art and science. She graduated in physics at the Department of Science at Hokkaido University in 1993 then shifting her focus, entered the University of Tsukuba's Graduate School of Art and Design. After holding a PhD in art from the University of Tsukuba she has been teaching in the University of Electro-communications in Tokyo as an associate professor.

The initiative is included in the main program of Novisad, European Capital of Culture 2022, and is supported by EuJapan Fest.

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