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Tartu 2024, Open call for international projects

Tartu, children 's drawing area Tartu, children 's drawing area Photo by Kiur Kaasik

The call for proposals is open, i.e. applications can be submitted from 1 January to 3 April 2022. The aim of the call for proposals is to support the implementation of international cultural projects interpreting the concept of the Arts of Survival of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 in the years 2023–2024.

In the call for proposals, cultural projects will be co-financed in an amount up to a total of 1 000 000 euros in two categories:

1.   co-financing of up to 50 000 euros

2.   co-financing of up to 200 000 euros

The category is chosen by the applicant according to the total budget of their project. In the case of both categories, the volume of co-financing by Tartu 2024 is a maximum of 70% of the total project cost. 

In the call for proposals, participation is encouraged for projects focused on events aimed at the audience, which may gain support from the creation of new works of art. The call for proposals does not finance infrastructure development costs (permanent buildings or their improvement), fixed costs of institutions (utilities, etc.), or the publication of periodical media.

The project submitted in the proposal must fit in with the values of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, i.e. represent and pass on the values and directions of the creative concept Arts of Survival, which are:

  • a more environmentally friendly urban and rural culture
  • education and ingenuity
  • physical and mental health
  • cross-generational co-creation
  • promoting local characteristics
  • critical awareness
  • cross-sectoral, regional and international cooperation
  • The project does not have to cover all the values, but it must not be in fundamental conflict with any of the values.

The application must describe:

  • project concept and value proposition;
  • the minimum and maximum project action plan with the budget for the implementation of both plans;
  • the key participants in the implementation of the project (project manager, artistic director, communication or marketing manager, etc.);
  • the expected audience of the project and the communication and marketing activities planned to achieve their participation;
  • the plans to ensure and increase audience accessibility of the event;
  • the risks associated with the implementation of the project and the plan for their mitigation.

The details of the application must meet the following conditions: the project will be implemented in Tartu in the years 2023–2024 so that the main event or events of the project will take place in 2024 and in 2023, if necessary, events preparing for the main event may be organised; a project submitted for the implementation of a new event or the further development of an existing event must interpret the Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival Concept; the initiator and implementer of the project is a legal entity.

The project submitted in the application must fit in with the criteria of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme, which are: Transversal or substantive cooperation to develop and implement the idea of a cultural event between partners from different fields. Transnational, i.e. substantive cooperation for the development and implementation of the idea of a cultural event between partners from other countries. Transgenerational cooperation, i.e. the process of co-creation of representatives of different generations. Environmental awareness – environmentally friendly cultural management practices are applied in the preparation and implementation of the event.

Tartu 2024 Foundation supports the project implementer with relevant information materials and know-how, such as the Tartu 2024 environmental strategy and guidelines. The implementation of environmentally friendly cultural management practices must also be considered when preparing the project budget.

Impacts on the field of art and the city. This means that the application describes what impact the event will have in the area and how the project will relate to the desired long-term impacts of Tartu 2024. The desired effects can be found in the Tartu 2024 final round bid book on pages 7–11;
All submitted projects will be analysed and assessed according to all the listed criteria.

Other information here.




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