Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Bodo 2024 and Nordland County Council, Open Call for cultural partners

By Press release Giovedì, 02 Novembre 2023 685
Bodo 2024 Bodo 2024 Photo by Dan Mariner

 It is a democratic problem that individuals and groups in society do not feel involved in the development of their own local community. Research shows that the further away from central areas and the capital, the lower the trust of the population in public authorities.

This project is about art as a generator in vulnerable local communities, here defined as vulnerable in relation to increasing displacement, lack of formal competence, centralization of functions, acquisition of natural resources for commercial purposes where the environment and climate do not have sufficient focus, a nature where climate challenges are very visible and have actual consequences such as birds disappearing from the landscape.

Art and artists often bring with them reflections and conversations that can provide an expanded understanding. They want to start and implement the project "Where people live", i.e. with the special power that they have experienced lies in the local community's own experiences, thoughts and wishes for its own development.

They want to develop this practice further in collaboration with other European partners, with the intention of highlighting art and culture as a generator in local communities where many different resource persons participate with their expertise and experience. Through the significant Artist in Residence (AiR) activities that have taken place in Nordland County since 2013, a dozen different AiR actors have had approx. 400 artists from approx. 40 countries for long and short stays visiting.

Nordland county's experience is that artistically motivated processes can lead to great commitment and participation. Nordland county has had a conscious and active relationship with art and culture for over 30 years. Professional artists have interacted with the local population in small places in the county, for example through large initiatives such as Artscape Nordland and Artistic Disturbances. These ventures have been important both in terms of the artistic expressions/works that have been created, but also because they have involved different professional skills as well as the "everyman" in the village. The result of such a process can be both a loved and hated sculpture on the quayside, or that several neighboring municipalities join together in a joint venture to ensure more artist visits.

The city of Bodø and Nordland county are European capital of culture in 2024 under the heading "ARCTICulation". Here it says, among other things: "... We want to share with Europe some of the Arctic values, by delivering a challenging and innovative cultural programme, and by expanding the scope of our European narrative to explore what is at the core of democracy and freedom of expression....” We want to build deep and sustainable relationships with artists, networks and partners.

"Where people live" can be said to be an extension of the artistic activity that takes place during 2024, the year they are cultural capital, where art and performers from Norway meet Europe and vice versa.

Model - structure

They envision a project with three other partners, one of whom is from an educational institution. An educational institution represents professionalism, continuity and knowledge transfer, and can put artistic content into a system. In addition, they want one of the partners to have experience with art production in vulnerable natural areas, as many of the AiR actors in Nordland also have this as both a factual and thematic foundation for their residencies. All the partners in the project must experience the issue and the challenges as relevant from their own activities.

They envisage a three-year run in which the partners together develop and manage activity at an overall level, but also activity that is more directly linked to selected AiR actors in the participating countries.

For other info write to Astrid Kristine Stensønes Arnøy: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..






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