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Esch2022: Breathe, for a climatic design

Myr Muratet Myr Muratet By Ensad Nancy, 2022

The exhibition, which will be on display at the Massenoire (Esch-Belval) from June 4 to September 25, 2022, is organized by Ensad Nancy (École nationale supérieure d'art et de design) and the French Ministry of Culture as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. It carries the label PFUE - Présidence française du Conseil de l'Union européenne (French Presidency of the Council of the European Union). The exhibition is curated by Christelle Kirchstetter & Patrick Beaucé.

Breathing is an expression of our absolute dependence on the environment in which we live. It is such a natural process that we forget how indispensable it is for every human being. We cannot live without oxygen.

How can we question our breathing?

How can we acknowledge breathing as part of our productive activities?

How can these activities become vectors of change in a committed shared effort? What are the environmental implications?

Based on sensory experiments, and in the context of the fight against pollution, the exhibition Respire, pour un design climatique seeks to provide answers to these questions by considering breathing as a paradigm for a new way of being and acting. More broadly, Respire, pour un design climatique aims to raise awareness of this invisible treasure that we must preserve at all costs: the air.

Incorporating our material living environment and atmospheric phenomena into the design of objects and spaces has opened a new field of design: climatic design. This can be approached with the latest scientific knowledge, with sophisticated technological tools or tools accessible to everyone, or with traditional know-how. Yet the goal of climatic design remains the same: to restore natural conditions that ensure a symbiotic relationship between all living things and the world.

Designers Chloé Guillemart and Emma Gitzinger, both graduates of Ensad Nancy, welcome us as we enter the exhibition Respire, pour un design climatique. Their works show the natural and cosmic dimension of breathing. Their work combines the act of breathing with flow circulation in nature and explores the conditions of a symbiotic relationship between all living things. They present new ecological ways of being, inhabiting and representing the world, and remind us of the importance of breathing as a basic condition of our existence.

The exhibition Respire, pour un design climatique consists of three parts.

What do we breathe in every day?

The research carried out by Ensad Nancy students on air quality in different environments, private or professional, has shown that it is the objects, our daily environment and the result of our activities that we breathe in. They play a significant role to our personal perception and experience in assessing the quality of the 15 m3 of air we breathe every day.

How is air quality measured?

From the first sensitive approaches developed in the late 19th century to the most advanced digital tools, air quality measurement is now the subject of collaborative studies and analysis. Scientists and citizens share the same mission: to inform as many people as possible to encourage them to adopt new behaviours.

How can our activities affect air quality?

To protect the environment, we must change our relationship with the material world, protect renewable resources, reduce energy consumption, and pollute less. Changing course requires a change in lifestyle. Science has proven this for several years, but we are acting too slowly. Where to start?

With the presentation of objects made of wicker designed by students and graduates of the Design Department of the Ensad Nancy and made by basket weavers of the Fayl-Billot within the framework of a partnership with the CDPV (Comité de Développement et de Promotion de la Vannerie - Committee for the development and promotion of basketry) the exhibition aims to present possible answers. In addition, hemp products made by the students of the Idis research chair (Industry, Design and Social Innovation) of the Esad de Reims (École Supérieure d'Art et de Design - College of Art and Design), who have joined forces on this occasion with the Hear (Haute École des Arts du Rhin - College of Art and Design), are integrated to make their contribution to find answers.

Practical information

Exhibition 4th June – 25th September 2022

Opening event 4thJune 2022 11am – 6pm

Open Monday – Sunday & bank holidays 11am – 7pm.

Closed on Tuesday




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