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Veszprém 2023, Open call for European Youth Music Festival

By Press release November 29, 2022
Veszprém 2023, Open call for European Youth Music Festival Photo by Veszprèm-Balaton 2023

Go shine with their and participate in an unforgettable week-long rendezvous of youth choirs and musical ensembles in Veszprém, Hungary - the 2023 European Capital of Culture. 

"You can become a music connoisseur... only through active musical activity, listening to music alone is not enough", said Zoltán Kodály.

Their first and most important task is to make music accessible to everyone. They recognise that it is particularly important to create opportunities for active youth ensembles and choirs to meet and perform. What better opportunity could there be to inspire and encourage these talented young musicians from across the continent than a European youth music festival in the European Capital of Culture in the land of Kodály and Bartók, in the city of Auer, and in a UNESCO City of Music?

MusiColours not only refers to the different styles of music, but also the diverse range of participants from different countries. They believe that the essence of music, however diverse, is that it brings us together and is understandable by all.

"In a stormy world, nothing can teach more to the youth than music and arts. It is an extraordinary language that helps you understand and be understood, accept and be accepted. This way musicians seem to be playing in the same orchestra. This makes the biggest ensemble of humankind" says Csilla Gál, Deputy Director of the Csermák Antal Music School in Veszprém.

Registration deadline: 31 December 2022


The Hungarian city of Veszprém, together with the Bakony-Balaton region, will soon take over the European Union's most prestigious cultural designation and become the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) for 2023.  An exciting year of cultural programmes will kick off on January 21-22.
The European Capital of Culture (ECoC) initiative is the most important programme facet of the European Union's cultural policy. The ECoC aims to bring the peoples of Europe closer together by through culture. It is important to stress that the ECoC title is not just about the many programmes that take place throughout the year, but rather about launching and strengthening long-term sustainable processes. This year offers a unique opportunity to promote the Bakony-Balaton region as a European creative and cultural centre; with Veszprém as its centre.

The cultural programmes are grouped by both cultural field  such as music, theatre, art, dance, wine and gastronomy…; and clusters, which frame the main ambitions of the new cultural region. The 9 clusters - Music/City, The Busy World of Veszprém, Region/Alive, Fragile Balaton, Reflection, Bridges, Out of the Ordinary, Celebration, and Beyond – together incorporate hundreds of individual programmes, or series of programmes, that will invigorate the city and the region. 

Organised by VEB 2023 and its partners, the programmes will use art and culture as a means to respond to today’s serious challenges; such as bringing life and community back to our towns and cities. Other aims include support for traditional and future-shaping activities in settlements that may be on the ‘road less travelled’; to raise awareness of the ecological challenges facing Lake Balaton and its catchment area; engage young people and stimulate their interest in culture through remarkable performances and presentations; and to strengthen people's connection to each other, their environment, and the culture of coexistence.

Dates: 27-31 May 2023
Location: Veszprém and the Balaton-Bakony region
Participants: open to youth choirs and music ensembles ages 12-25 from all over Europe
Programme structure: each participating group will give at least 2 concerts at different venues

Register here!

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