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Braga 2025, Open call for the project "Desejar"

Braga 25, Desejar Braga 25, Desejar Photo by Lais Pereira

Can culture help citizens out of social apathy? Probably yes. That is why the Portuguese city of Braga, national capital of culture for 2025, has launched a call as part of the project 'desejar', desire. Deadline: april 15 2024.

This call aims to receive proposals for projects that could be part of DESEJAR.

There will be a moment of public presentation between the 10th and 14th of June 2025.  They are looking for community-based participatory artistic creations that start before June 2025, and that bring together collectives, national and international  artists with experience in participatory and community art, with agents from the region of Braga.
What are the objectives of this call?

Stimulate an integrated approach to culture and artistic creation; Value projects inspired by the theme – fragility and the lack of desire   in Western societies; Support, present and value national and international artistic projects of a participatory and community nature; Promote practices based on a horizontal relationship with nature; Prioritize proposals that relate to local communities, their social and political realities, where projects can be developed within Braga’s territory; Contribute to the deepening of a space for reflection and action, regionally, nationally and internationally on participatory, community and sustainable artistic practices; Encourage decentralized proposals that are part of the public space.

What is DESEJAR?
Social apathy and low rates of conventional citizen participation in western societies is a great problem at the moment. In this context, the space for the emergence and consolidation of populist narratives has been intensifying, weakening therefore our democracies.

Citizen participation is, at present, permeated by a widespread feeling of ineffectiveness and inconse- 3 / 6 quentiality. Fragile participatory acts affect our ability to desire, in the sense of imagining other worlds, other possible modes of relationships, of being and producing. It is in the space of vital drive, which is desire, that this movement is intended to support. In this 1st edition we seek to investigate mechanisms that can rescue the practice of desire  as something essential for life – the reinvention of arts, places and common ideas.

It’s an organic and fluid national and international movement of arts and common places, integrated into Braga 25 Portuguese Capital of Culture, launched in 2024 with a program that integrates a wide range of actions.

DESEJAR focuses on action and reflection around participatory, community-based and sustainable artistic practices. In its 1st edition, it aims to promote experimentation and knowledge focused on contemporary artistic and cultural creation and production.

DESEJAR is supported by an idea of common, sustainable art, based on sharing of resources in which human and more-than-human elements of an ecosystem establish horizontal relationships.

Who can apply?
All individual or collective groups, local, national and international, with activity in the field of this call. The projects to be presented must bear in mind the specific characteristics of Braga’s territory. This call aims to receive proposals (shows, installations, performances, workshops, residencies) in the following areas: Theatre, Dance, Music, Circus Arts, Performance, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Photography, New Media, Installation, Design, Architecture, among others. Transdisciplinary proposals that activate participatory, community and sustainable dimensions aimed at public space across the entire territory of Braga will be privileged.

Each selected project will be entitled to a grant, stipulated from the global amount for this edition. The total amount for this call is 40.000€.

Open call attached to this news item.