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Esch 2022, What's the future of urban planning?

By press release May 02, 2022
Luxembourg Luxembourg Photo by EcocNews

"Red Luxembourg", composed of an exhibition and a book, addresses two themes, Proximity to Nature and Affordable Housing; themes that have been at the center of the history of urban planning and architecture and have evolved into commonplaces of political and promotional discourse.

The south of Luxembourg and the adjacent territory of northern Lorraine are characterized by vast post-industrial areas in which a specific nature has taken over. In a context of strong economic and demographic growth and the relative lack of affordable housing, these urban sites are the subject of massive projects for new neighborhoods. How to mobilize these wastelands, destined to play a crucial role in the future of the territory, as generous, architecturally exciting and equitable environments?

Starting from the high probability of redevelopment of these sites, Red Luxembourg proposes a proactive proposal: a new space strategy that aims to mix the ecological, social and economic challenges to fuel the next political debates on the future of the territory.

How to deal with the paradox of the colonization of nature in our desire to live closer to it? What kinds of housing types could successfully combine economy and generosity? How to best organize access to accommodation? How to love the particular ecology of these wastelands while developing them? What are the possible directions for a just development of a territory marked by cross-border inequalities?

The Red Luxembourg exhibition, running at the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette until the end of May, offers a possible approach to these themes through a spatial proposition. The publication will bring together writings by various experts, focusing both on the specificities of the Franco-Luxembourg context and introducing an international perspective on the issues at stake. Together, these cultural events will be an invitation to true social and architectural experimentation.

Exhibition open from March 24th to May 20th 2022.
From Wednesday to Saturday: 3pm to 8pm

Curatorial and editorial team:
Arch. Peter Swinnen (CRIT. architects, Uni.Lu)
Dr. ir.-arch. David Peleman (Uni.Lu)
Arch. Nathan Heindrichs (CRIT. architects)
Ir.-arch. Beatriz Van Houtte Alonso (CRIT. architects)

Experts, authors and interviewees:
Tom Becker
Prof. Pascal De Decker
Prof. Matthew Gandy
Prof. Markus Hesse
Dr. Sandra Jasper
Dr. Germain Meulemans
Architecte paysagiste Jan Minne
Prof. arch. Jan Moens
Prof. Erik Swyngedouw

Stijn Bollaert

Arch. Leonard Streich (Something Fantastic)

Walther König

Partners :
Ministère du Logement (Luxembourg)
Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette
Centre culturel Kulturfabrik


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