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Novi Sad 2022, the Capital of the Fairy Tales of the Future

By press release May 12, 2022
UPAD-predstava-Playing-reality UPAD-predstava-Playing-reality Photo by Jelena-Jankovic

Giant puppets, plays, operas for children, concerts and exhibitions, troupes that are among the best in Europe, literary and other magical journeys – Novi Sad is becoming the capital of fairy tales and stories, a unique theatrical experience for all.

More than 200 artists from 14 countries will give old stories a new impetus through almost 40 performances at nearly 30 locations, but they will also treat us with new, unique, contemporary fairy tales. Along with prominent local authors, such as Kokan Mladenović, Serbian Athens will host some of the most important theatre troupes for children from Europe, such as the Dublin Theatre Festival, Ameno from Spain, Grus Grus Theatre from Finland, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre from Slovenia, Czech Alpha Theatre, and many others.

The new programme segment of the European Capital of Culture ‘Fairy Tales of the Future’ will activate the focal points of the theatre world on 15 May – Serbian National Theatre, Youth Theatre, Novi Sad Theatre, five cultural stations, and cultural institutions and schools in the city and its surrounding boroughs – Futog, Kać, Budisava, Kovilj, Veternik, Rumenka, and Bukovac, as well as squares and parks throughout the city.

"For the first time, in Novi Sad and elsewhere, in this way and in this capacity, fairy tales and stories will be presented as the oldest cultural heritage of the world on which generations grew up.’ By connecting local and European actors, renowned representatives of the theatre scene, Serbian Athens will offer everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, a unique experience of theatre and story", said Nemanja Milenković, the director of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation.

Not only that ‘Fairy Tales of the Future’ as the first event of its kind, includes four festivals, all-day events, renowned as well as up-and-coming young artists, and theatre spectacles on the streets of the city, but it will also give birth to the first ‘Novi Sad Theatre Festival’.

"The meeting with the Foundation and the European Capital of Culture made our dreams come true. It is a well-known fact that the Youth Theatre has participated in numerous international and domestic festivals since its founding 90 years ago. While observing the methods of others, the desire was born to do something here in our city, in our theatre, that would attract the best theatres from all over Europe when it comes to creativity for children and youth", said Mihajlo Nestorović, the director of the Youth Theatre.

‘Fairy Tales of the Future’ will present stories created by renowned authors from Serbia, Spain, Finland, France, and other countries both from the region and elsewhere, but also spark the active participation of children and youth, who were creators of theatre performances through various workshops, or found themselves in the role of young selectors and active spectators, as exemplified by the theatre festival ‘Invasion (UPAD)’.

‘Invasion (UPAD)’, as well as other festivals for children and young people, will hopefully remain a legacy for decades after the European Capital of Culture, and I think that is something that is very important. We forget that children and young people are the future and how important it is to teach them the importance of international cooperation and the difference between good and evil, but also to teach them fairy tales from a different point of view, to see what future stories are’, said Bojan Milosavljević, the coordinator of the ‘Invasion (UPAD)’ festival.

‘Fairy Tales of the Future’ is the last programme segment of the ‘Future of Europe’ programme arch of the European Capital of Culture, which is focused on children and youth during April and May.



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