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Veszprem 2023, Street art open call

By Press release February 22, 2023

The street art open call is closely linked to the visual arts concept of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture (VEB2023 ECoC) programme; a programme which aims to bring artworks to nontraditional art spaces such as streets, public spaces, walls of buildings and other unconventional locations.

Street art also helps to bring the arts closer to young people in a way that is more accessible to them.

Artists will be asked to reimagine municipal spaces in prominent locations in the city that are well known by the local community and easily spotted by visitors to the city. The House of Arts Veszprém is looking for a visual response to the questions ‘What does Veszprém mean to you?’, ‘What does the Bakony mean to you’? and ‘What does Lake Balaton mean to you’? The answers, expressed in art, may be about the natural and built environment, historical monuments, culture, music, sport or even related to the European Capital of Culture.

“Our call is based on a well-known idea by Italo Calvino, who stated “the city is a place and a carrier of desires and memories”. Our goal is to create works of art that explore the hidden aspects of Veszprém and the historical heritage of the Bakony and Balaton regions. The natural and cultural richness that characterises Veszprém and the region will be strengthened in the ECoC year and the diversity created will be preserved beyond”, says Bernadett Grászli, Director of the House of Arts Veszprém

Ten locations throughout the city will be made available to the winning entries. For example, Street art artists will have the opportunity to redesign the 61 m x 7.5 m surface of the underpass of the Veszprém Arena; the drivers’ rest area of the city's most visible bus turnaround; retaining walls of the recently renovated pedestrian and bicycle underpass under the Southern Ring Road; the firewall of the Veszprém House of Arts office building; and even a city bus will carry a street art sticker for years to come. Applications will be judged by a professional board of seven trustees.

After studying the entries, the jury will invite the most promising designers to a closed online consultation, where they may be asked to make changes or submit additional material. The jury will take its decision by 23 April 2023.

The works will be created/installed on site between 1 May and 30 September 2023.

Deadline for entries: 9 April 2023.

Other information in attachment to this news.

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