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One Dance Week returns to Plovdiv in May 2021

By press release February 05, 2021
One Dance Week returns to Plovdiv in May 2021 Photo by One Dance Week 2021

“One Dance Week” is the biggest forum in Bulgaria dedicated solely to contemporary dance – one of the fastest-developing genres in the contemporary art world.

By presenting innovative and important cultural content, the festival aims at sustainable development of the current cultural scene in Bulgaria.

The “One Dance Week - International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance" project had three editions from 2017 to 2019 as part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019. The 13th edition will take place in 2021 as part of the Legacy programme of Plovdiv 2019. Tickets coming on 15.03.2021.

This is the program.

Transverse Orientation | Dimitris Papaioannou

13, 14, 15 and 16 May 2021

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Transverse Orientation - The New Performance By Dimitris Papaioannou Launches One Dance Week. The latest stage work by Dimitris Papaioannou will be presented in Plovdiv on 13, 14, 15 and 16 May 2021. All purchased tickets for the dates 3 and 4 September 2020 are valid without revalidation for the dates 13 and 14 May 2021. You can get your tickets online for the performances on 15 and 16 May 2021 from ePayGo.

Itmahrag | Compagnie Olivier Dubois (France)

21 May 2021, 8 pm

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Living for many years between Paris and Cairo, Olivier Dubois formulates for the first time a singular vision of today’s Egypt: Itmahrag invites us to dive into the heart of a dance that Dubois describes as ‘incendiary’.

Zeppelin Bend | Katerina Andreou

28 May 2021, 8 pm

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Zeppelin Bend is a duet, which through exceptional discipline and psychedelic imagination, combines dance, movement and sound. In a world where the states “firmly on the ground” and “high in the clouds” are often accepted as methods of survival, choreographer Katerina Andreou seeks the hidden truths of freedom and reality, while focusing on the strength of the body, its energy and movement.

Vanishing Point | Alexandros Vardaxoglou & Dafin Antoniadou

29 May 2021, 8 pm

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Taking endless transformations and the plasticity of bodies as its vehicle, this work by Dafin Antoniadou and Alexandros Vardaxoglou places us within the eternal struggle with forces that act on each other in contradictory and yet connective ways as concerns the subject (as in conscious mind): the irresistible desire for union, that serves as a reminder of every symbiotic relationship that seeks to “birth” a new form of life, and the violent separation from the other, that signifies our dual nature that – though seemingly a given – opens itself up every so often to the unknown with a view to attaining totality.

Larsen C | Christos Papadopoulos

5 June 2021, 7.30 pm

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Christos Papadopoulos’ work is deceivingly simple; informed by persistent research on rhythmic nuances of movement. In his new work, Christos Papadopoulos aspires to introduce ambiguous elements with liminal qualities in order to energize and ignite new experiences. His constant perception of movement as a method of exploring reality is pushed further without additions or spectacular elements. He is simply exploring further the state of transition; from one movement to another, from intuition to an action. He asks himself whether a slight difference in a familiar rhythm, a trivial alteration of corporal movement, or even a minor set, sound or light shift can change completely our perception of what we see, and thus challenge our perceptual biases.

Graces | Silvia Gribaudi

6 June 2021, 7.30 pm

Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

The star of the Italian dance scene Silvia Gribaudi is coming to ONE DANCE WEEK's 13th Edition with her newest piece GRACES on 6 June 2021. With generous humour and radical empathy, Silvia Gribaudi brings up the concept of human imperfections in the form of dance. Full of lightness, irony and freedom, her work meets dance and theatre to paint the unique nature of the body and the beauty of each and every one of us. Gribaudi draws inspiration from ancient Greek Mythology. On stage, four dancers will play with reality and fiction and question the canons of beauty.       

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