Mercoledì, 29 Novembre 2023

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Bradford has been named as UK City of Culture 2025. Their  vision is to use arts and culture to fuel the social, economic and creative renaissance of their district; to make Bradford one of the most welcoming places in the UK where artists, producers, audiences and creative entrepreneurs can flourish.

With the Makerhubs , places are being created as part of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz2025 where designers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, the next generation of skilled workers and doers from all over the world meet to learn from each other and create something new together. 

16 Italian cities have presented the expression of interest to the Ministry of Culture to participate in the title of "Italian Capital of Culture" for the year 2025.

Bradford has been crowned UK City of Culture 2025, taking on the prestigious title from Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. The winner was approved by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries based on independent advice from a panel of experts led by TV writer-producer Sir Phil Redmond. The experts visited each of the four shortlisted places, which also included County Durham, Southampton and Wrexham County Borough, to learn more about the bids before making their final recommendation.

They are 3m x 6m x 2.80m stuck together in single or double rows, and many are grouped together in larger complexes. Some are built of corrugated iron, others of concrete slabs: garages. In all districts of the city of Chemnitz together, there are estimated to be between 3,000 and 30,000 garages. Many of them are simply used to park cars, while others are used for tinkering, hobbies, neighborhood chats or barbecues.