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Kaunas2022, Modernism for the future 365/360

Birthday of Kaunas City Birthday of Kaunas City Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

After winning “Creative Europe” funding in May, “Kaunas 2022” project “Modernism for the Future 365/360” gains momentum: the received submissions were carefully evaluated and the commission selected artists to participate at local and international residencies.

Artists of various disciplines will interpret modernist architecture in 8 local and 7 international residencies, located in these cities: Kaunas (Lithuania), Lviv (Ukraine), Kotrtijk (Belgium) and Brno (Czech Republic).

This is the list of selected artists. Artists who will participate in the international modernism exchange: In Kaunas: Karin Písaříková (Czech Republic) and Malgorzata Olchowska (Belgium); In Lvov: Marius Pinigis (Lithuania); In Brno: Erich Weiss (Belgium), Tadas Stalyga and Rita Kundrotaitė (Lithuania); In Kortrijk: Andrei Linik (Ukraine), Andrea Uváčiková and Zuzana Bartošová (Czech Republic).

Artists who will participate in local residencies: In Kaunas: Martynas Timinskas, Patris Židelevičius, Hugo Herrera Tobon; In Lvov: Olga Kuziura; In Brno: Michal Trávníček, Josef Řehák; In Kortrijk: Ingel Vaikla, Jonas Vansteenkiste.

The project partners from Lviv, Brno and Kortrijk were looking for local artists, offering them to creatively interpret the modernist heritage in their own and partner cities. The artists were invited to interpret different objects: not only the buildings that were well known to the public, such as the former Prior department store in Brno, the Officers’ Chamber in Kaunas or the Trade Union Palace in Lviv, but also private homes such as Bohuslav Fuchs Villa in Brno or Gaverzicht Waregem. villa in Kortrijk and many others.

The result of the work of these artists creating in 15 residencies, will be seen in 2022 in Kaunas, at the opening events of the European Capital of Culture.

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