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EcocDay Special, Kaunas 2022 and the New European Bauhaus

By Advertorial November 04, 2021
Kaunas 2022, International day of happyness Kaunas 2022, International day of happyness Photo by Martynas Plepys

"The New European Bauhaus and Kaunas are very much related“ said Dovilė Butnoriūtė, Head of International Relations of Kaunas 2022. The occasion was the International Forum, the opening event of the European Capitals of Culture Day, organized by the Foundation in partnership with the Commissioner General of Italy and under the patronage of the European Commission. 

Below is the entire speech by Dovilė Butnoriūtė.

“Kaunas city followed the most progressive path during the interwar which built the core values as well as created the city’s architecture we are proud of today exactly when the concept of NEB was born. Kaunas 2022 THE CONTEMPORARY CAPITAL team used this special memory from these times and used this historical value in ECOCs bidbook empowering NB ideas through several programmes. I will present only two examples of it today which at the moment will serve as our legacy projects. 

The great culture ship NEMUNO7 (will be launched on 22nd of May) – is a project reflecting NEB by sustainable, green design ideas implementation in Kaunas. Old water digger ship will be turned into new creative space and located in Kaunas region, in beautiful city Zapyškis. Connecting element and symbol of this project is WATER. Water as a source of life. A mean of transportation. A symbol of constant change. In the context of the current ecological crisis, it is crucial to create with SUSTAINABILITY in mind: to reuse what we already have.

The architecture of the renovated ship will seek a dialogue between the old and the new, between nature and culture. Existing structures will be left as they are, the new superstructure is designed for a universal function, there will be a lot of light and open space. The planting plan, is also about SUSTAINABILITY. The chosen plants are called pioneers: local and easily adaptable to extreme conditions.

Kaunas modenrism architecture is nominted to be listed to UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST and we are very proud of it. One of the symbols of our city’s modernism architecture -  KAUNAS CENTRAL POST OFFICE – will face a creative transformation very soon.

The decision to consider the restoration of this object in general was provoked by the community (bottom up approach). It’s going to be turned to a creative hub, an innovative storage, the object will participate in various networks with its content. So we are talking here about a sustainable preservation of important memory symbol, meeting today’s design and creative content.

And so far the post office is used as a symbol of our programme Modernism for the Future and reflect its ideas, and will serve as exhibition space for exhibiton MOFU 360/365 starting from the opening of Kaunas 2022 project on 22nd of January".


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