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Japanese artists in Novi Sad for Ecoc 2022

Satoshi Kudo is a Japanese dancer and a choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Death Side is a Japanese hardcore band.

By his own work “Silent Body” (2003) Kudo has received the Serge Diaghilev Memorial Award  at The Third International Serge Diaghilev Competition of Choreography Art 2004 in Gdynia, Poland. And the audience prize and the 2nd prize at Going-Solo choreography competition 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. 

After professional experiences in Tokyo and New York, Kudo is now based in Stockholm since 1998. He has worked for Ohad Naharin, Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Danish Dance Theatre, and others. He has also worked as an assistant choreographer and rehearsal director for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui from 2006 to 2013. And for the Royal Swedish Ballet under the director Johannes Öhman for the the productions by Mats Ek, Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman and Sharon Eyal in 2015 and 2017. 

​Kudo has developed own method “Motion Qualia” which is creating movement in relation between a brain activity, physics dynamism and universal gravity. By this method, the movement produces only necessary body language, which speaks directly to the audience the relation of body and emotion. His work has been performed in Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Poland, Thailand and Japan.

Death Side

No band on Earth can incarnate the status of "legendary Hardcore" better than the mighty DEATH SIDE from Tokyo. Founded in the mid 80's, they are hands down one the most respected and representative names from the Japanese Hardcore/Punk dojo and they helped forging that unique, highly energetic "burning spirits" style that has influenced so many bands all around the globe and helped growing a solid fan base of die-hard maniacs. 

Raging vocals, drums running at breathless speed and that fantastic riffing that combines classic HC outbursts with blazing metallic solos sounding like flying demons slicing your throat! They have recently re-united, in memory of their legendary former guitarist Chelsea that passed away on August 17th 2007. This is their first ever European show with an incredible line-up featuring 3 original members (Ishiya, You and Mukai) plus Ori (Pile Driver, ex Mad Conflux, one of Chelsea's first students) and Benkei (Crude, Mustang - currently considered one of the best guitar players in Japan's HC scene) replacing the highly missed genius of Chelsea (RIP).. yes, 2 guitars needed to reproduce his unbeatable monster-skils!!! 

Main program

Date: 1 ~ 25 Nov. 2022
Venue: SCCNS Fabrika (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Death Side
Satoshi Kudo

Eu Japan fest

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