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Plovdiv 2019, 3 days with the Street Arts Festival

By press release May 06, 2022
Plovdiv 2019, 3 days with the Street Arts Festival Photo by Lachlan Ross / Pexels

6Fest 2022 Street Arts Festival' is a project for the eighth edition of the multi-genre street festival 6Fest, presenting in 3 consecutive days contemporary circus, dance, music, fire arts, etc.

The events are held for free in open city locations such as Knyaz Alexander I pedestrian street, Central Square, Tsar Simeon's Garden, Bunardjika Aqueduct, Danov Hill, Kapana and others. The planned dates are May 13-15, 2022.

In the spirit of the European carnival tradition, the main event of the festival is a carnival parade on the main pedestrian street of Plovdiv with participants from various formations of the festival - dancers, circus artists, stilt artists, musicians. The selections presents independent Bulgarian artists and art organizations from all over the country (Plovdiv, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Pernik, Gabrovo, Svishtov, Kozloduy).

The concept of the 6Fest festival is to showcase a variety of street arts, including multi-genre performances - carnival parade with stilts and movable structures (Theatre of Fire and Shadows Fireter), fire performances (studio "Pantarey", fire group "Black Fire", " Phoenix), circus performances (Combino Project, Traveling Screen Theater), musical events (Junior Band Brass Band), open dance groups (DS Mariposa, Duende Dance Studio, Pantarey Dance Studio, The Center, Dance Home, Emotion Dance, Sleepwalkingz), antique reconstruction ("First Italian Legion").

The 6Fest street festival follows the contemporary global and European trend for the arts to take place closer to people in public spaces. The informality of the street arts, the circus and the carnival enliven the urban environment and facilitates the easier contact of the artist with the audience. The festival includes events with high interactivity - street art invites the audience to participate in the performances. This is the social significance of the project, which activates citizens as co-authors of the arts and turns the streets, squares, parks and open spaces of the city into creative spaces.

The proposed festival programme combines contemporary trends in street arts and Bulgarian national cultural identity, showing carnival performances, parades, fire and circus arts, typical of the European festival scene, but also performances based on the Bulgarian folk tradition and cultural and historical heritage.

The project is a continuation of the successful edition of the street festival 6Fest in Kapana, which was part of the official programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, as well as subsequent editions of the festival in Plovdiv in 2020 and the upcoming in May 2021 6Fest became part from the cultural calendar of the city and helped to support and promote Plovdiv art formations, as the support to local artists and groups continues in the proposed project. The festival continues its concept to present in Plovdiv artists and art groups from other cities in the country, as well as joint interdisciplinary performances in order to develop creative partnerships.

Project of the Association "Public Committee" Vasil Levski "- Gabrovo", part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture.

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