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Plovdiv 2019, Shake That Hill

Plovdiv, Belgian dance company "kabinet k" Plovdiv, Belgian dance company "kabinet k" Photo by Kurt Van Der Elst

The 8th edition of the traditional for the city festival Shake That Hill - Plovdiv-TOGETHER is planned for 26 to 28 August 2022 on the territory of Plovdiv Stage Park - Youth Hill.

The event builds on its usual format, which until now had 3 stages with over 40 hours of music, dance, and freestyle battle with 100 artists and between 3 and 4 thousand people per edition over the years, increasing for 2022 the stage areas - the audience will now have 4 separate spaces, the participants are increasing and already number more than 150 people, the handmade form is doubled, with more than 60 participants.

The tradition of a rich cultural programme continues, including genres of music, dance, applied arts, but in 2022 there is already a specially built Street Culture Camp (SCC) - a special space for street art creative, which extends to 6 thousand square meters - skate playgrounds, graffiti area, etc. The aim is to focus on street art culture - from hip-hop and dance battle to graffiti and street art - music, art, skate, and more. SCC is also the link between the participants-beginners and professionals coming from all over the country, providing a field for expression and creativity, development of potential, and opportunities for realization in the field so needed for the sector. SCC also has added value in supporting local established and novice artists, stimulating their involvement and application, creating a center for professional expression and entrepreneurship, especially in this difficult pandemic period for the cultural sector.

The project is an idea of ​​the Association "Creative Complex Incubator" and is part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

Other information here.

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