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Matera 2019, Mediterranean experience with Open sound

By Press release September 16, 2022
Matera, Open Sound Matera, Open Sound Photo by Massimo Lovisco

Three years after the first experience, in the official program of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, Open Sound Festival returns to the National Museum of Matera on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 September, in the setting of the Terrace of Palazzo Lanfranchi, one of the most fascinating places in the city of the Sassi.

OpenSound, the innovative format that creates new musical repertoires and stages unprecedented collective performances based on the dialogue between contemporary music and traditional sounds, returns to its festival dimension with a lineup that combines the best-known names of the Italian scene with some of the most interesting and innovative of the new contemporary scene: on September 20 "Saturno Contro x Ferula", "Procida Ritual Project with Paolo Polcari (Almamegretta) + Daniele Ubjk and Marzouk", OSA Stories with go-Dratta, Alberico Larato, Rino Locantore, Badrya Razem, The Drums of BOOM! and Foresta (IVREATRONIC) dj set and the 21 Loveiscoil Liquid Orchestra, Marta Del Grandi, Dardust and Elasi djset.

There are two novelties for the 2022 edition: the first is the institution of the "OSA Award - City of Matera", which will be delivered in a dedicated press conference on Wednesday 21 September at 7.00 pm in the Conference Room of the Ridola Museum in Matera. Through this award, Open Sound confirms that it wants to contribute to the strengthening of the legacy of the European Capital of Culture 2019, recognizing in the city of Matera the role of open platform of the Mediterranean cultural system, which wants to make this element a distinctive feature of its research and of his artistic-musical production.

The Prize will be presented to Dardust. The distinctive sound world of Dardust, where classical meets electronics, is an exciting multidimensional live experience. At Open Sound Festival 2022 he presents a special piano and string quintet set.

The second novelty of 2022 is that the first day of the festival will be dedicated to the sound and musical culture of the Euro-Mediterranean region, with a billboard that hosts projects related to this specific theme.

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