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Novi Sad 2022, Faces, Objects and Spaces

Limestone Idols, oil on canvas, 90 × 120 cm Limestone Idols, oil on canvas, 90 × 120 cm

Seeking to clarify his artistic expression and shed what is redundant, Milenko Stevanovic turns to his interests - figures, objects and spaces. Familiar themes allow him to delve into a closer analysis of formal aspects of painting.

The compositions gradually shift towards a smaller number of elements, whose relation becomes all the more so evident.

With the intention to thoroughly control colour and shape, the painter returns to his motif in identical light conditions. Through everyday sessions and patient observation, the life of a seemingly static scene gradually reveals itself.

The movement of light suggests countless rhythms and a perfect balance of geometry in Nature. An inexhaustible richness of visual relations offers answers to any question asked, always surprising with its simplicity and order.

More than mere factography, the painting process is a perceptual transformation into an abstract visual language. Guided by a sense of aesthetics, the painter has the need to tell the story of his impression and find value in even the smallest of rhythms and transitions of light.

The exhibition will take place at the Gallery Space of the Archives of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture 2022. 

Opening Times:  09/09/22 - 23/09/22 (Monday to Friday 7:30-20:00)

Exhibition Opening: Fri, Sep 9 at 19:00

Address: Žarka Vasiljevića 2a, Novi Sad

*Gallery is closed on weekends



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